6 thoughts on “I Have Sampled Chicken Play”

  1. Correct, it’s casual fluff. It’s more an experiment to put the tech in-game – and also give casuals something else to play with.

    It’s quite funny, however, to see an army (a flock?) of chickens (or even a solo chicken) make it all the way to Rivendell or Angmar without a ‘real’ character escorting them. I’ll have to try that sometime. LFF = Looking For Flock? :grin:

  2. I’m so bored playing WoW currently that chicken play actually sounds like a good reason to re-sub…

  3. Even as a tech test, I would have thought that the talented folks at Turbine would have come up with something considerably cooler than Chicken Play.

  4. I thought chicken play was cute, but not all it was clucked up to be.. I’m really not sure why you were expecting epic things from a chicken.. sounds like you were expecting chicken little to stop an alien invasion. Well sorry pal thats already been done. (:P)

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