What is Turbine up to?

First: Happy 1st Birthday Lord of the Rings Online!

Now back to the topic at hand, from here:

Turbine develops MMORPGs and company officials said when they replaced Anderson with current CEO Jim Crowley the move was done in preparation for a change to Turbine’s business plan.

Turbine spokesman Adam Mersky said the company plans to make an announcement regarding its future plans in two weeks. But the company website includes employment listings for console-game positions, fueling speculation that Turbine could be expanding from the online market to the console player market.


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2 thoughts on “What is Turbine up to?”

  1. LOTRO could be simplistic enough for a console….
    The combat does not require much, so they could streamline the skill sets to allow for button mashing fun…kinda like DDO?


    Maybe….just maybe…

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