10 thoughts on “They’re Difficult”

  1. Your Mastication Skill has increased by 1.
    Skill Training Complete.
    You have aquired the Skill: Digestive Tolerance Rank IV.
    You do not meet the Skill Requirement(s) for Mashed Banana Baby Food +3.

    “You can’t HANDLE the Pork!”

  2. Oddly, I cannot find evidence that The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ has roast beef. Maybe it is hiding under another name. They eat a lot of pork, but very little beef. There is beef stew. Those cows must be mostly decorative.

    So in Middle Earth, they have domesticated the cow, which they eat sparingly, but the major source of pork is wild boars that attack people in fields all across the land. At least the hobbits have a pig farm.

  3. They milk the cows. And adventurers kill boars all the time; you just have to walk behind them and pick the bodies!

  4. Contrary to assumptions that the aristocracy just treats the peasants well, the real reason the plebs don’t revolt is that they aren’t physically capable of enjoying the finer things in life.

  5. I was expecting the crit version to add “with Apllesauce.”

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