The Birds

The BirdsA WoW guildie of mine organized a pretty awesome druid flash mob earlier this week. The concept: Get a bunch of druids together, fly around Nagrand as a flock (in bird form) and find an unsuspecting Horde, swoop down to the ground, surround him, and stare at him until he cracks, a la Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

WoW Insider has a pretty great writeup of the event, which included druid skywriting, mobs of cheetahs running down Horde on Quel’Danas, and other craziness. There must be other cool possibilities here. I think it would be fun to get a lot of hunters to hide inside of a building near a questing area, then when a horde approaches, use Eyes of the Beast to send out a ton of turtle pets to swarm him.

I’m a little surprised fun events like this don’t happen more often in virtual worlds, given how much easier it is to execute creative, crazy ideas. But I guess you still have the burden of actually organizing a lot of people to do something, which is a non-trivial task in the virtual world, too.

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  1. It reminds me of the fun, insane events that used to happen, like the gnome race to booty bay, or the 40 lvl 1 alt raid on Hogger.

  2. Clever, but what would be even more daring would be to go Horde to bring down faction imbalance. This is funny but when you outnumber them 2 or 3 to 1, it could suck to be on the receiving end.

  3. Well, they were picking battles where they outnumbered the horde about 20-to-1. It was about comedic value more than a balanced fight.

  4. Man right away after I finished laughing this thing made me think about a monster-play kind of game where you could be the birds pecking and scaring and chasing the newbies around as they ran the “gauntlet” from the newbie yard to the next level 5-7 “town” or whatever.

    Well it doesn’t really need to be a monster play thing but BOTH sides seems pretty fun on THAT one heh.

    They ought to have “flesh eating chicken stampedes” in the Shire and stuff man that’s pure comedy gold baby that’d beat the HECK out of all this whack-a-mole tree-chopping stuff ahaha.

  5. Love how it seems so easy to get a group of people together to do meaningless things, yet I’ve been trying to get a non-heroic SLab group going for 2 weeks for my newest 70. I hate pre-expansion WoW…Kinda like when raiding died before BC.

  6. Well, this is also a really large guild, with a few hundred members… that helps a lot. :-)

  7. It reminds me of the Hare Krishna thing a friend and I started up in UO. I was amazed how many people we could get to do a pilgrimage wearing nothing but a white robe, orange sash and a tambourine.

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