Age of Conan Adds More U.S. Servers

9 servers

– Ethic

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4 thoughts on “Age of Conan Adds More U.S. Servers”

  1. That’s interesting.

    It’s doing much better so far than I expected. It’s got to be the polish.

  2. Does this accurately reflect the popularity of PvP and PvE?

    It seemed like this game was completely focused on PvP from the hype.

  3. that’s the US server group right?

    cuz 23 May was the launch day in Europe and there were non-EA servers added here too

  4. With FFA PvP I don’t think they will get a huge amount of PvP vs PvE. They have introduced “culture-PvP” on some servers which is a little bit more restricted currently.

    And yes, that must be the US server list. The new servers added here in Europe had different names as I recall.

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