Proposed Stalker Changes

“lolstalkers” has been a long-term issue for City of Villains. It is a great class for running newspaper missions solo or for ganking people in Warburg. For anything else in the game, you will want another class. Stalkers are one-trick ponies: burst damage from stealth. It is a very good trick, the kind of trick that one-shots lieutenants, but that’s all. The last attempt to bring them up to parity went a bit too far, so that small groups of Stalkers could take out Giant Monsters quickly. Now on test:

  • Increased Stalker Melee damage multiplier from 0.9 base to 1.0 base.
  • Increased Stalker Hit Points multiplier from 0.95 to 1.125
  • All Stalker melee attacks now have a chance to critical while not hidden. This chance is equal to 10% plus 3% per additional team member within 30’ of the stalker at the time of the attack. This only applies to PVE targets. Stalkers old chance to critical Held or Slept targets now only applies to PVP targets.
  • The Critical portion of Energy Transfer operates exactly as if you were criticalling from Hide — it eliminates the Self Damage, rather than increasing damage to the target.
  • Using an Assassination attack and missing will no longer suppress Hide (though lesser stealth and invisibility powers will still suppress) if the attack misses. If the attack hits, Hide suppresses normally.
  • Hide Suppression for Stalkers reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Assassination attacks now cause a demoralizing effect on PVE targets that survive the attack. Demoralized targets To Hit value is reduced, and the target may be frozen in terror.

Adding all those together, that is about a 50% sustained DPS increase in full groups, plus more survivability and utility. Is this enough without scaling Assassin Strike? Is Assassin Strike love coming? Stay tuned!

: Zubon

One thought on “Proposed Stalker Changes”

  1. Something like this, particularly the increase in base damage, is something I’ve been suggesting since day 1. Stalkers’ damage is way too front-loaded as it stands, and they totally suck leveling until the 20s because of it.

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