Hyboria Raids Middle Earth

Creeps’ numbers on our server are down. That is, in Player versus Monster Player play, we have fewer monsters. This makes sense: these are the Killers, and Age of Conan is designed for them, while the freeps are the folks who have done 50 levels of PvE. This will presumably repeat when WAR launches. This hurts when the creeps’ main advantage is having more bodies. The creeps can only hope for a PvE grindfest to arise and deplete their foes’ numbers.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Hyboria Raids Middle Earth”

  1. Interesting observation. Also of interest will be how much the Creep population picks back up once the first month is over in AoC.

  2. lol :) good one Sync. I personally have had a better time raiding in the Moors the last two nights as a creep and a freep than in previous months. Don’t know what it is but things have gotten more lively (on Windfola at least)

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