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This is Zubon at level 29. I have run out of solo content in the Lone Lands, with a big stack of remaining quests in Agamaur and GA. No, you’re not expected to know what that means; it means that I need a group because all the enemies in my Lone Lands quest line now have three to five times as many hit points as I do, not to mention that some of them are invisible. So my play is at a wall until I can get a group there. Since I never played EQ, I am not willing to stand at the zone wall and broadcast “LFF: Agamaur and GA” for 45 minutes hoping for a Minstrel and a Guardian. So I can log in, wait some amount of time, then get bored and leave. Maybe I can do some fishing or deed grinding to entertain myself.

Yes, I could hit North Downs, since I still have solo quests there and maybe folks who want to do the group content, but I really want to see what is going on in that big red swamp. I don’t hear people looking for GA groups two zones over, and the global channels I joined are not having much activity. I think I spelled one wrong when joining, so I’ll keep trying variations until I get a populated one.

This is Zubon at level 21. I have another alt at the start of the Lone Lands quests. Around level 20 is when players start learning how to group in this game. You might be able to guess who is on a first character/first MMO. They don’t know what fellowship skills are or why you should not attack the mesmerized enemies in the back. Explaining does not seem to help. They vary between unrealistic optimism after the inevitable wipe or just leaving. Actually, those are the good ones. Some people do have the patience to broadcast for 15 minutes for a group, but then they quit 1/3 of the way through the quest because they did not have that much time. They see three elite enemies and panic, when fights with five are coming up. Did these people do their Great Barrows quests? They must be the ones bringing along level 40 Guardians and Minstrels, which is helpful but keeps folks from learning how to play in these slightly difficult situations.

Can I go back to “they can’t be taught”? As a Burglar, I explain fellowship skills to literally every group I join. If we do not have a Minstrel, I say, “just click green.” This isn’t that complex a plan, is it? Where do those reds and yellows come from? Or did you think that two greens was enough, so now it’s time to pick at random?

Oh, and the holy trinity exists. Working without a Minstrel is hard, when not suicidal. I was proud of myself for playing something other than a healer, and now I want to make one just so that I can find one for a team. That’s okay though, since the teams without Minstrels usually lack Guardians as well. I assume they’re all off in better-organized guilds than the random ones I connected with.

: Zubon

Update: since first writing this, the upper level character got her group for the GA half of that list, complete with Guardian, Minstrel, and the Minstrel’s level 50 friend. Fishing while waiting seems to be key.

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  1. I would wait a few levels before venturing into Agamaur and especially Garth Agarwen, even with a fellowship. There you have a combination of all the types of dungeons in LOTRO, old forest, barrows, ruins and marshes into one, plus a series of intertwined quests of bewildering complexity related to the Red Maid requiring to kill multiple elite bosses to get several keys, etc. It is virtually impossible to complete all the quests in there without a well coordinated fellowship of relatively high level characters.

  2. I’m in a luckier situation where me, wife, my brother and sister played MMOs together.

    In wow, this translated to mage/priest/warrior/druid (trinity+hybrid), and we can pick up any extra class to make a group of 5 for any instance.

    In LOTRO, we switched the classes we played but essentially it was the same thing again minstrel/hunter/captain/guardian (trinity+hybrid). Where we’d pick up 2 extras to make 6. A few times we managed group quests that is recommended for 6 with only 4 people.

    I don’t have very good ideas for people who don’t come with their family+relatives, some might suggest that getting into a guild/kinship is the key, but then in a guild, members are keen to help themselves first and there’s always times when one or two guys gets left out because the other 6 finished a quest over the weekend and have moved on.

    In fact in both WOW and LOTRO our guildies regular request to join us on our trips to various group quests – some even jokingly clamour for this “favourite 5th (or 6th) guy” position.

    We also tend to join guilds that already have such a group going on (usually among the key officers), and we essentially form a very strong core of a second group. The two groups then easily combines into a 10/12-men situation.

  3. Spam the entire server with copy paste tells. This works very well in speeding up the whole process for me.

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