Seen in May

Jeff Freeman discusses pricing models and ponders gaming one-night-stands.

Brian “Psychochild” Green (I think he legally changed his name to that, complete with quotes, since I never see him called anything else. I forgot to check his license at IMGDC) spoke of the early stages of MMO development. This one is good enough to come back to single time, but I’m telling you now so that you can read it a few times before we discuss it. (via)

Alex Taldren suggests that Princess Peach should get a job.

Alex also suggested that MMO Gamers are lazy and not really gamers.

Should this t-shirt remind me of Scott Jennings?

Saylah at Mystic Worlds discusses We We Solo in MMOs. (Okay, that was April, but I read it in May.)

How about (the apparently nearly most influential person in the MMO world) Scott Hartsman on being organizationally broken? Bonus chance to hate on Dell, if you like. I have commented previously on an outsider’s view of organizational failures in MMOs.

“The Midnight Squad” trailer from City of Heroes is pretty good. I have some editing disputes, but their call. The other one for Issue 12 is less entertaining, but it has some fun with costumes in the crowd. If you missed the magic and Rikti connection in Issue 10, this is a good time to hit that part of the story again.

Many people reviewed Age of Conan. Many many many, too many for me to remember whose I’ve seen. Here are Ethic, Saylah, Keen and Graev, ferv0r, and pretty much all of Tobold and Bildo’s sites for late May. Need a leveling flowchart? Jalum’s review that I linked earlier is probably non-relevant, especially since the miracle patch(es) seems to have miracled pretty well (by varying accounts). I hear a strange mix of “great launch,” “meh, yet another WoW clone with 5% difference,” and “game-breaking bugs and exploits” (to say nothign of the early launch).

Are you reading Ding!? Also pre-May (February), but I think it is a recent addition to our blogroll. WoW-themed webcomic from Scott Kurtz.

Another new friend on our blogroll: The Battered Shield. He has some interesting stuff to say.

Ending off-topic, Greg forms words to list 100 Must-See Movies.

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  1. Haha! Thanks for the link.

    The reason I use that is because Mark Jacobs made a big deal about “pirate names” a little while ago. Since my given name is so dreadfully common (there are several “Brian Green”s just in the game industry), I use my pseudonym in addition to my given name.

    It definitely helps people to remember who I am. Obviously my name caught your attention! :)

  2. Unfortunately, sometimes the quotes confuses comments systems, such as the missing name on comment there. I usually try to use single quotes as there are less issues.

    We’ll see if this works! :)

  3. Heh. I fixed your name by using & # 34 ; (take out the spaces).

    & quot ; would probably work too (again without the spaces).

    Good to hear from you again Brian, thanks for the Python book recommendations!

  4. Yeah, some text boxes don’t like HTML codes like that. I’ll try it here and see if it works.

    BTW, you’re welcome about the books. Always glad to help someone else to get into an area that they love. Feel free to drop me an email if you have specific questions. :)

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