Refuting Bioshock

Libertarians, unhappy with the world’s land-based governments, have begun the project of seasteading, building their own nations in international waters. They are prepared for pirates. There will be no ADAM.

The discussion thread at Marginal Revolution raises the interesting argument that liberty is the happy result when a bunch of authoritarian groups found a country together and cannot agree on which gets to be in charge (that or civil war). You can speculate on how that might apply to competing/successive game development teams.

The FAQ-writers are clearly our people:

What will people do onboard?
Our first response is “the same things anyone else does”, but perhaps we don’t get out much. As long as there’s an internet connection, it might take us quite awhile to notice that we were on a small, isolated platform.

Oh, and the guy in charge is Patri Friedman, who I knew in college, so I had to give him a shout-out.

: Zubon

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