Shout Out To Massively

When first started up I thought to myself, oh great another site to gather and repeat all the news I’ve already read. Well, I was happily quite wrong. They have consistently put out new, original content as well as having a lot of exclusive first looks at upcoming MMOs. Sure they fill up my feed reader faster than I can keep up with it, but I have to admit they are serving up a *lot* of really great content. Congratulations on a job well done folks!

– Ethic

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I own this little MMO gaming blog but I hardly ever write on it any more. I'm more of a bloglord or something. Thankfully I have several minions to keep things rolling along.

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  1. As a member blogger part of this team, I have to say that there’s a bunch of dedicated and talented folks in here! Glad you like the stuff we’re putting out.


  2. Massively is a very solid site, any my first destination for MMO news outside of blogs. Keep it up everyone!

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