Happy 7th, Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online turned 7 years old on June 27th. Happy (belated) Birthday!

May 3, 2001- Funcom proudly announces that the Anarchy Online release date for North America will be on June 27, 2001. Anarchy Online will be the first game in years to take up competition with the existing online worlds of Ultima Online (Electronic Arts), EverQuest (Sony) and Asheron’s Call (Microsoft).

The release of Anarchy Online will mark a milestone on the massively multi-player online gaming arena. Not only is Anarchy Online the first online world in a science fiction setting, the game also promises exceptional graphics and a gaming world that gives the phrase “dynamic gaming environment” a brand new meaning. It will also be the first in the upcoming second generation of 3D massively multi-player online games.

“Online games are the future of the industry, and a subscription based business model will in some years become a common platform for making money,” says Funcom president Andre Backen. “Funcom has been working on Anarchy Online since 1996 and considers this the most ambitious project the industry has yet seen with over 70 employees dedicated to working on this game.”

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3 thoughts on “Happy 7th, Anarchy Online”

  1. Funcom stuck with it, when others would have dropped the ball after it failed to bounce on the first try. That earns them serious kudos in my book.

  2. I appreciate Funcom staying in the MMO business since I’m enjoying Age of Conan. However, you can see some design flaws in the game which are directly related to Anarchy Online’s lack of success. The main one that comes to mind is the complete lack of any anti-spamming measures in Age of Conan. Anarchy Online never got that popular and as such never had to worry about gold farmer spam in chat channels and mailboxes.

  3. I’m happy for them to still be out there swinging though. After a disasterous launch, the legendary 12.6 uber-npc/weekened off patch, endless bugs, lazy texturing, and a foundering market, they still keep on keeping on. I wandered back there about 6 months ago (since it’s free) and found it to be tolerable. I’ve actually considered loading a version of AO to the swap drive I have since I am on the road full time now and my crummy work laptop can handle pretty much nothing graphics-wise.

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