The Hardship of the Blue Team

The first thing I miss on the freep side is that quartermaster in Gramsfoot. He sells healing potions, cheap, in unlimited numbers. One click, 800 health, good deal. Freeps need to craft for those, which means I may make an alt with the Scholar trade skill. All this time working on trade skills, and it turns out the main things I want are consumables, which my Tailor main does not make.

Repair costs are a bother, but not severe. They are probably higher for the folks out front or who die a lot, but I think my costs were ~40 silver for the night that included two deaths.

Pack space is an annoyance. Creeps lose a pack to maps, but freeps lose a pack to crafting, one to quests, one to consumables and the smaller number of maps, leaving two for all the PvMP drops and vendor trash. Most people seem uninterested in the PvMP drops, but I have yet to decide how much I will packrat in the Ettermoors.

A big issue is that your forces are set. You cannot log, click “Defiler,” and have a level 50 healer. If you do not have a Minstrel, you do not have a Minstrel, unless you can convince one to come join you. You have better options for recruiting one, since global channels reach all freeps while the creeps are just the creeps, but only so many people have a stable of level-capped alts.

The good and the bad is that they keep coming. The creeps have maps, rez circles, and rezers. Freeps refer to “repops,” and a dead creep will be back in a few minutes at most unless he logs. Capturing a keep takes a while when you have creeps to fight with every NPC spawn. Freeps have a rez circle if they have TR or Lugz, but other than that, ride the horse back from GV and hope not to hit a warg pack.

This explains the ubiquity of the TR fight. It is the closest keep for freeps, and it provides a rez circle. Claiming it is a win for the blue team. Fighting for it is great reknown: the creeps have a nearby rez circle, the freeps take about as long to ride from GV, so the losing team is back very quickly. The fight goes on interminably until one side gets bored, wipes, or successfully gets the CG/Tyrant during a lull. This is actually fun with evenly matched teams, where a long fight with lots of kills ranges throughout the building and across the nearby fields.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “The Hardship of the Blue Team”

  1. hey man, take a look at the repeatable annuminas quests. it takes about 10 minutes a day to knock out the prisoners/cache quests, and you get pots as rewards. honestly by doing the solo quests and groupin with friends on the gardens/ost elendil instances i am always loaded with pots. BTW, you can exchange annuminas drops for master crafting recipes for big $$$

  2. I made my first trip there today. I’m not comfortable soloing those prisoners’ guards, and finding the caches was annoying, but a small group can get three quests done quickly (those two + fighting in the streets) once we learn the caches. We tried something harder, but that went badly without a Minstrel.

    Still, that is one green potion and one blue potion. Red side: shift-click, stack of 20, done.

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