Maybe it’s just me, but this Wizard101 looks to be a fun game. While you are there, sign up for the beta.

– Ethic

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23 thoughts on “Wizard101”

  1. … if it well done might be worth a look :) I would like to see what they cook up for a harry potter MMO in the future

  2. I did the “create a wizard” test, and was told:

    “Balance Wizards are Wise, Clever, Thoughtful and Charming. Famous Sorcerers include Cleopatra, Margaret Thatcher, and Merlin. Balance Wizards are great at adjusting the rules of combat.”

    Thatcher? Really?

    This game does look awesome.

  3. I’m a Fire Wizard.

    “Fire Wizards tend to be Smart, Passionate, Competitive, and Attractive. Famous Pyromancers include Morgan Le Fay and William Shakespeare. Fire Wizards have attack spells that linger, damaging their foes again and again.”

    Interesting company I keep…

  4. I am a lv 42 life wizard. I’ve been playing for almost 2 months. i absolutely love it. My kind of online game. Kind of like wow for ppl who don’t want to engage in all the childish behavior of that server. All the kids and youngsters on Wizard are refreshing and wonderful to have around.!!!

  5. It’s a very fun game while im a life wizard. wizards who can heal in the beta test i was a pyromancer

  6. I love being a death wizard it ROCKS!I play Wizard 101 All the time!

  7. I love it.
    I play it.
    I sparkled with excitement.
    I socialize in it.
    It is just great.
    Who wouldn’t play it?

    The game is just perfect for my friends and I,
    That’s what keeps up the works and the rainbow of mind.
    Keep on going and don’t stop, magical adventures await in the top!

  8. G-hosts breathing behind my necks,
    R-ising my hairs.
    E-asily walking along right or left,
    A-cting as if I’m scared, I see another wizard in frantic trouble,
    T-ell me what has come of this of a shallow pond of unheartfulness.

    G-etting into my fears and nerves I had to fight back face-to-face,
    A-s with courage and power I strike back more and more!
    M-aking it summon my storm’s wrath of my foretold destiny of me.
    E-ach and everything should be happy and free, that’s the way it
    should be!

    As you read and finish, this I like to share because I’m a
    giant fan and had love to learn many things
    that became clear to me and everyone,
    so I hope you or someone else
    can not just experience
    playing, but also
    have a heart in

  9. I have a question for you about the top,
    What monster is it that breaths behind your
    Neck when you don’t see it?

    Hint: Floats, Has no face, Long Sleeves, Life is 65/65 and it
    is on Unicorn Way.

    ( Difficulty: Easy) –> Of Course, You Should Know. :D
    Unless You Haven’t Played It So… Yeah. Have Fun Out There. ;)

  10. I love love love Wizard 101!!! I wish I could do all those spells in real life. I can just barely transform myself! Yes, I can do magic in real life, thank you very much. It’s not as cool as it is on this awesome awesome game, though. I would love it if my life was like that!!

    P.S. The answer to Andrew StormWalker’s question is Lost Soul. (Difficulty: Super Easy)

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