Lazy Fellowship

Frodo, Aragorn, and the rest have been standing around Rivendell for a year. No big hurry on that Ring thing, eh? Boromir is the only one who seems to be impatient with the waiting. The test server notes mention that your next epic side quest will be to help the fellowship get ready to head to Moria. Maybe we can get more hides for blankets and feathers to fluff their pillows. There are no farms within two zones, and Elrond must running low on that magic bread. I bet they will still be standing around Rivendell when the servers shut down.

Some people.

: Zubon

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  1. I dunno what it is about MMO’s but… most of the NPC’s seem destined to just stand in one place. Nothing irks me more and makes a place feel lifeless than NPC’s that don’t move. Ever. Whenever I make games, and I do, I make my NPC’s move and do creative things. Sometimes they are even hard to catch, like the bunny weirdo in zelda 64. Anyways.. sorry for the rant. I bet the fellowship (back on subject) will not move until the expansion rolls out and then they will disappear and reappear in Lothlorien where they will take another year break crying about how Gandalf left them and didn’t toilet train them first.

  2. This brings up a good point.
    When Mines of Moria releases, will these guys disappear or still be static?
    This does irk me. And I have seen how games that are instanced can help this matter.
    Examples : Guild Wars and AoC

    Ok, we will try not to discuss AoC due to it’s own problems.
    But, in Guild Wars, with the “Outdoor” adventure area’s, things can change and people move or leave, etc. I like that in respects to people can die, or whatever as you progress.
    I.E: It has a story that can be persistent for the leveling life of your character.

    Having gone back to Guild Wars to waste some casual time, my wife and myself see just how fun this game can be.
    It seems to have more heart than a lot of MMO’s and their soulless grind.

  3. They did a good job with Strider and Gandalf: having them be in an instance in Bree so you could see them there during that chapter of your epic quest, but then they’d be gone and in Rivendell.

    How will they fix this for Moria though I don’t know, neither one is in an instance by themself and they are involved in more than just the epic quests.

    And to think in the book they sat around for 3-4 months and even that was long. The Nine are all already on their flying mounts by now and should be circling the Last Homely House like vultures. Assuming Sauron could grind the 5k gold for each mount.

  4. Re: Openedge1

    Guild Wars espouses a sort of world persistence that is completely individualistic and not really persistent at all, because it is instanced. Other players don’t see your version of the instance. If you create a new character, you have to go through the same progression as the original. World of Warcraft could accomplish this “persistent” world if there were no instance resets.

    From my perspective, that aspect of GW is simple and dull. Developers can’t create a persistent world of NPCs for an MMO because they can’t account for all of a single player’s actions and still leave content for everyone else. True persistence in an MMO’s world can only be found in the realm of pure player-to-player interaction — plain relationships, territory wars, the free market, etc.

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