PvMP at the Minimum Level

Don’t do that. Do not even step into the Moors unless you are level 45 or higher. 50 and well-equipped is strong. 50 is normal. 47-49 is training: at least 90% effective, as far as the red team is concerned. 44-46 is bait: weak targets, easy kills, not significant threats. 40-43 is insulting: red players will go out of their way to kill you.

Seriously, creeps eat freeps below level 45. Even a new creep does not have bad odds with a five-level advantage. The voice chat channel notices every 40-43 in the zone. We target you first because you do not belong there. “There’s that Hunter again. Welcome to the Moors!”

More amusingly, you frequently see lower-level freeps soloing in the Moors, trying to complete the assorted PvE quests. Idiots. If the creeps catch you trying to ride to Hoarhallow, they will call in friends just for the fun of encircling you, then they will wait for you to rez and try to come back. Most freeps stop after the second or third death, but easy infamy is always accepted. If you are hunting wolves, you may notice a Blackarrow setting you on fire. If you hide in Hoarhallow or Elf Camp, the creeps can survive the NPCs for long enough to catch you.

It is always worth the time and effort to prey on the weak.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “PvMP at the Minimum Level”

  1. I have always wondered why the ‘fellowship’ can’t camp the creeps but the creeps can always camp the fellowship. There is no justice in Tolkien’s world. I hate creeps. Always made up of those people who hit lvl 20 and can’t be stuffed doing anything more.
    I remember I went into the moors at 45 as a hunter. At that time I was young and naive and didn’t realize that you didn’t just run out into open space looking for creeps. I learned my lesson and came back at 50 but even then the ganking continued. PvMP is only satisfying for the creeps.

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