Sexist DPS

Ever have one of those stories you meant to blog about, but you put it off for a few days, then assumed that everyone knew and there was nothing new to say a week later? Part of the fun of Age of Conan is that, with its patch cycle since release, everything is forever new.

With a hat tip to, oh, everyone, female characters do less damage in Age of Conan. Not on every possible attack, but at least on that revolutionary melee combat that will change everything, female characters do less damage. They have longer animations with no corresponding improvement in damage. There is no evidence that this was intended, although you can easily find comments about how women should do less damage in a Hyborean setting (and if you think so, try a Gorean setting). No one properly tested the differing animations. [fixed that for you – ed.]

And it will not be fixed for months. This is understandable: check and possibly change every animation in the game, get it right this time, and see if there are related balance issues. These are good things to check before selling the game, but they are biting that bullet. In the meantime, this is very convenient for bloggers. You get stories when the bug is noted, when players test it, when Funcom confirms it, when Funcom announces the delay to fix, when the fix eventually arrives, post-fix testing, each of several patches to fix the fix, and every patch in the meantime when you can snark, “Funcom is looking at female characters’ animations again. But they’re still just staring at the boobies! lol!” So I’m getting my shot in now, between waves.

: Zubon

9 thoughts on “Sexist DPS”

  1. Welcome to Age of Conan! Please select difficulty:

    1. Male

    The Male race are natural warriors, quick agile and strong, most at home in the thick combat!

    2. Female

    The Female race are more slender than the brutish Males, but excel in crafting, spells and other activities that don’t require moving about much! Racial Bonus: x0.75 DPS Modifier

    Meh. That’s my quota covered. If it’s any consolation, I picked Hard Mode myself! :) Can’t say I’m noticing any particular gimpage.

  2. Men are physically stronger then females. You ladies need to accept that fact and move on. We are NOT equal. We are very different and this rant is too old for you to bother with. Get over it.

  3. Tying damage output to animation swing times was utter insanity, imo. It’s hard to imagine a system that would be more of a bear to make balance adjustments to.

  4. *tweeet*

    Yellow card for John Norman reference! One more of those and you’re out of this blog, mister!

    Dude: Not funny. Unless you were serious, in which case, it is not funny, but you are hilarious. Also, Satoko Shinashi says hello; I suspect that you are not as physically strong as she is.

  5. And if you are following the comedy show called Funcom, as of today they fixed the Females DPS.
    They made the Males just as slow.

    /chika boom!

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