Self-Set Standards II

If you proudly tout yourself as “Best PC Game Ever,” that is a lot to live up to. Even if the game is really really good, it will rate “below expectations.” If your “revolutionary MMO” is Everquest +/-5%, we will mock you; if your “WoW-killer” gets 100,000 subscribers, your marketing has turned a viable, sustainable, successful game into a disappointing failure.

Rick Astley’s Greatest Hits describes “Rick’s true legacy: as one of Britain’s best and most underrated blue-eyed soul singers.” Fair.

: Zubon

There are a few good songs on the album beyond the classic. The video really does add something.

2 thoughts on “Self-Set Standards II”

  1. Yeah even Paul McCartney’s latest simply stating that it was “worthy of his legacy” killed it. Worthy of his legacy? Besides being a mouthful to say I don’t think that is what is was worthy of.

    That crazy one-legged woman must have messed with his mind. Thankfully she’s out of the picture (though oddly on TV quite a lot for someone who is avoiding the press), so maybe his next one might actually be worthy of his legacy, as long as he doesn’t claim it is :)

  2. OMG!!

    I just got Rick Rolled

    Thanks a lot.
    /heads out to warn others on the Intrawebs to watch out for Kill Ten Rats

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