How Alts Happen

I made a Minstrel a week ago so I could pick up a couple more trade skills. He holds stuff, he eventually crafts, great! I got him in the kinship today, so that I could use the kin storage chests to transfer items. I went on a trade skills supply run across a few zones, then went back to kin storage to transfer it.

After logging on the other characters for their toys, I brought on the baby Minstrel. He had done nothing outside the tutorial area except pick up the quests when you first enter the real world. Grab all his stuff from the kin box, and head to Thorin’s Hall. I can hit the vault there and maybe crunch some of these trade skill supplies into points. Oh, cave claw along the way, lets zap him to get a click on the deed log. *bing* Oh, I have a quest that needs some of those. Hmm, and I need this cave to the north. I can hit that before swinging by Thorin’s Gate. Fight goblins on the way up, collect the items in the cave, fight goblins on the way down. *bing* First deed complete, basic goblin-slayer in Ered Luin (new title). And I hit level 7 along the way.

Hmm, those cave claws and the items I picked up are half of two quests. I can redeem them at Thorin’s Hall, so let’s get the other halves before heading in. Zip across, collect a few items, whack a few enemies along the way. Quest done, done, done, trade skill quest done with the items I transferred at the kin chest. Let’s do my own trade skill stuff, which gives me a new weapon, oh and that other quest done. Just a couple more quests before I’m done in the area, so I might as well clean up and move on. Quest done, level 8.

Run along to the next town, drop off quest done, done, done. One is a click-and-come-back, and it passes me by another quest (done), so let’s clear that river and … small detour, talk to that guy after clearing the river (done), head back. Hit a few birds and cats along the way to get another quest half-done. And back to that second town, another quest done, level 9. And somewhere in there I completed another deed, the first for completing quests in Ered Luin.

Luckily, I am out of blue bar (rested xp), so I can go to bed now. But tomorrow, if I want, I can finish the quests that take me from here back through the starter area and back, then the first group quest and on to the middle-sized city in the middle of the zone… And I’m 3/4 of the way through the first bar of a trade skill, so I just need a bit more bronze to finish that out… And so it goes.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “How Alts Happen”

  1. Just warning you – even with the Shadow Priest mode they’ve given to Minstrels, it’s still a real grind, especially coming from a DPS class.

    … unless, of course, you convince your SO to roll a hunter and act as her very own personal heal-bot.

  2. :P I alwyas love reading your write ups Zubon. Last night Anton and I and my other buddy went and did all of book 1, though a level 50 helped us on the last chapter, and I showed them how awesome the old forest is and we did almost all the quests there. It was quite the adventure. And Anton is playing a minstrel too, just like my first main. I am discovering that guardians are really a lot more fun to play than I once thought with their many many different reactive moves you really have stay awake. Ne ways I have a level 50 dwarf minstrel and I can say he was worth rolling, though of course it has a few slow points like Michael was saying.

    p.s. plz come on over to my blog and see if you have any ideas to share with me and Anton for the game were making. :)

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