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I want to ask if some people in my guild are non-native speakers. I was thinking of going with “where are you from?” and hoping the answer is Germany (or such). Maybe ask about a time zone.

I think it would cause unnecessary unhappiness in guild chat if I were to ask directly. If the person is a native speaker, his natural follow-up question is, “Why do you ask?” My other guesses were “small child,” “illiterate,” “stupid,” “lazy,” or “family pet”; “foreign” seemed like the most charitable assumption.

: Zubon

(“Foreign” is not a bad thing. It is an explanation for why they cannot speak English very well. My Spanish isn’t so good. They have worthwhile thoughts that they have trouble expressing. If he is just stupid, that is really the best I can hope for.)

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  1. Just make sure to ask them in a private tell. Frequently you’ll find out more and they will feel more comfortable. You might even start with a normal conversation and then tell them your from California or wherever and then ask where they are from. Breaking the ice always helps. Also very important to your relationship with them is how you react to the information that they bring forth of course. I have had great foreign kin/guild members (south american/european/japanese/chinese/canadian :P and so on) and awful ones(mostly chinese farmers in disguise, but one other one who didn’t understand you shouldn’t take things you don’t need)

  2. Yet, should it not be ok to say..”Where is everyone from”.
    If the feeling is that I cannot ask guildies that kind of info, I may not actually feel comfortable with that guild at all.

    Hidden agenda’s leads to strife in my opinion.

    When I ran my guild, I was always open to race, sexual preference, country…


    Because we were all here to game and have fun, and none of this matters in the virtual world anyways.
    But, I do not need to chat too long with the bad typist if I do not wish.
    (The best way was to find out their hours, and just not log on…lol)


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