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Book 14 went live this week. Players have wondered a bit about the “players must do this 1/day quest 70,000 times before the new zone will open.” Depending on how many high-level characters your server has, that is up to a month to unlock. There is more or less continual speculation that the zone is not done, or at least has not been tested.

Something about Book 14 was not tested, because the game has not run properly all week. The mail or auction house might stop working for hours. You might rubberband or hit invisible walls. The invisible walls are the most interesting to me, because they show how the game divides up the zones. Many of the walls align with existing terrain features like shrubs, hills, and fences.

I was in The Shire when the latest wave of server wonkiness hit. I was trying to run the mail quests on a new character, but I could not cross an open field. I ended up mapping the range of those invisible walls, since I ran other miscellaneous quests that took me to the wall on the far west, and I found the corner where it met the south wall. Unfortunately, that was on a slope. Hop down the hill, bounce back, fall, bounce, fall, bounce, motion sickness. /stuck still worked, so it looked like I was tap-dancing in place for the minute it took to engage. And then I was at a loading screen until I alt-tabbed.

Servers went down at least twice on Friday. Depending on your time zone, the current downtime might have come on Friday, too. Servers are down as I type this, a 7 hour downtime on Friday night. Someone is having a late night in Westwood, after the previous fixes failed to take. Either time.

: Zubon

I haven’t seen much that is new, just lots of new rewards for the old. Lots of rebalancing and bug fixes, some new bugs added. I’m not to Book 14 yet. I did the Moria prelude: underwhelming, but it must appeal to some folks’ RP sensibilities. Except that I can still see all the fellowship members, even though I watched them leave. Which is probably necessary since they are the contacts for your legendary trait books.

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  1. Heresy

    Why does it sound like you are giving Turbine a hard time
    LOTRO is the God of PvE MMO’s, and nothing is wrong with it.

    (PS: Today is opposites day)

    Good riddance

  2. :P My brother “Torkek” also felt it was a bit underwhelming and I think server work-together things sound better on paper then they play out in reality. I’m surprised that everyone thinks the “unlock Ahn Qiraq thing was so successful for blizzard that they want to reproduce it /sigh On the plus side I hear that slimes of Helchgam and stuff like that are sometimes the rewards which is nice for people to get their class quests done.

  3. it is true, i got a slime of helchgam last night from a chest! might i add though that i am disgusted with the server status and even more so with the customer support from the GM’s. It is not my fault that the server issues caused the game to eat the 10 beryl shards that i bought for 6g off the AH, but after 4 tickets the GM’s have made it clear that it is their policy not to compensate for losses due to server errors. /sigh

  4. I have two of those quest items from the Lore boxes, although the only one I got that I needed, I already had from Carn Dum.

    This weekend’s patch(es) did not fix it. We had a raid stuck outside the Rift last night. And I do mean stuck: no one could enter the instance, and the path back to camp was blocked by an invisible wall. I don’t know if suiciding on some nearby enemies would have gotten us to the rez circle.

    I’m tempted to leave this as our top item until it is fixed. :p

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