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I decided to cancel my Warhammer Online Collector’s Edition pre-order today. It has nothing to do with my feelings about the game. It has everything to do with thinking about my past CE purchases. Did I get value from them or was it just excitement about the game? I decided, even in the case of World of Warcraft, that is was just about getting something that makes my character a little special or unique. Yes, the lovely in-game items.

All in all, I do not feel it was money well-spent for me. Sure, the art books are cool and the soundtrack is nice, but I have not looked at the art book more than once or twice. The big giant boxes also need to be displayed somewhere, I can’t bring myself to toss them out. So, I ask you: Are Collector’s Editions worth the extra money to you? Why or why not?

– Ethic

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22 thoughts on “Collector’s Edition”

  1. The way that most MMO’s have gone now, a CE is just out of the question.

    To me a CE would better purchased if you have played a previous game in a series (KOTOR, Halo, etc.) that you became a huge fan of.

    Or are you dedicated to the material?

    WAR with the excellent art books could be exciting (being an old WH, Games Workshop fan myself), but after the many burns in the past (Vanguard, LOTRO, AoC) I see no further point in buying a CE for games that let you down in the end.

  2. Why would you do that when it give you early access and other in game perks for your character? Makes no sense

  3. Well there are significant in-game things, which is the most value to me. I have all the Guild Wars CEs and it tickles me to have the dances. In WAR I get a few neat items, prolly help only in Tier 1, my own face, and some quests just for me. I usually enjoy the art book and the box, etc… all in all the $30 is worth it to me. Plus Mark Jacobs says that something else for the CEs will be announced soon.

  4. @Hudson: The regular pre-order gives you early access and the in-game items too. The box says: Open Beta Access, Live Game Head Start, Rittenbach’s Portable Camp In-game Item, Champion’s Sapphire Band In-game Item, Universal Fighting System CCG Demo Deck. (This is a Best Buy box)

  5. If they really want to impress me, they should offer the special in-game items for online purchased digital downloads, and then sell the books and maps and all that other stuff through their online store. Perhaps then maybe they could bring the box price down, since there would be no box or retailer markup or any of that stuff…

  6. nope.. not falling for the bait myself.. Will wait till launch and hopefully a month after if I can restrain myself :P

  7. I’ve never been the CE type, didn’t bother with WoW or anything, but I’m way too excited about WAR to not go for the CE! lol. A little extra money for some nifty extras is no big deal.

  8. After buying a few I am not buying any more. Even in game items, another WoW vanity pet is not enough.

    Now if there’s a Paul Barnett talking doll in there…

  9. I’ll just pre-order the regular edition.

    I rarely buy CE’s. They just add to the mess of my already cluttered babe lair.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

  10. Guilty. I love my CEs though. The main attractions are the promised in-game goodies. I’m also a sucker for the art books, and can easily rationalize the added cost for printed fantasy art. Thumbed through the GW: Factions and Nightfall many times, ditto Age of Conan and CoX.

    Turns out the only thing worthwhile in the Hellgate: London CE was the comic by Dark Horse – ah well. Only time I’ve been burned by a CE. For what it’s worth, that comic did make me see the potential of that game world (before it got ruined by actually seeing the game and how it was handled.)

    My soundtracks tend to be ignored (with good-intentioned promises to rip them to MP3s eventually). And it seems like the MP3s become available digitally before I get around to it. :)

    Storage-wise, I scan the ordinary boxes (LOTRO, HG:L, CoV) and get rid of them. The GW boxes are compact and sturdy enough to store all the stuff that came with them. Haven’t figured out wtf to do with the oversized (but cool-looking) AoC box.

    Will be getting the WAR CE. Was tempted not to, but the included orc mini makes me a complete sucker for it. Fortunately my old hobby paints are still around, even if I can’t support a mini and MMO habit at the same time. WAAAAARGH! WAR is coming!

  11. I don’t pre-order much these days. Heck, I waited more than a year into The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ before spending any money. Someday, if it becomes popular, I may try that “WoW” thing. Also “Everquest.”

    See also our friends at An Open Letter to MMO Devs.

  12. I saw this, and had to come in to thank you for linking to us, Zubon.

    As far as collector’s editions, I have been guilty in the past. When I was a minmaxer, it was always about getting that little edge or extra customization, so that aspect was impossible to resist. And of course, developers know that.

    I can’t say I would never buy a CE again, but I’ll try not to. Early beta access could get me. Art definitely not.

    That SWG box was perfect as a spacer in my home theater rack between the DVD and the cable box, but on balance it probably wasn’t worth it.

  13. Only if it comes with a neat in-game item. The best ones I’ve seen so far were the Tabula Rasa ones (infinite dyes and a nifty pet, and it wasn’t one of those overly expensive CEs).

    Generally I don’t CE, but I often get the pre-order bonuses. In fact, I don’t own a CE except LOTRO’s, but I got the one that was just $10 extra, so meh. It’s a good thing, too, because WoW is still the only game I invested enough time in and cared enough about for the CE to even be worth it, so it would have just all been wasted money.

  14. I buy CEs only if they come with a tshirt ;). Otherwise, I don’t need all that extra packaging lying around and would rather just have a soft copy – no shipping costs, no box to store or get rid of.

  15. DOH Didnt know that about the regular pre order. Well that is a kick in the privates. But I do want that miniature, I will probably paint him and add him to my Fantasy orc army ha ha! /nerdfactor engaged

  16. @Hudson: There are still extras the CE gets like extra heads for the characters and special quests only for CE owners. It was very tempting for me since I almost always get a CE (even in AoC), but this time I’ve decided to skip it. Honestly, I would have given away the miniature to one of my tabletop game-playing friends.

  17. Infinite dye for TR? That is pretty sweet.

    City of Heroes made its in-game items from special editions available separately. You can buy the Pocket D teleporter, and all the pre-order costume pieces are veteran rewards.

  18. I’m a sucker for CEs. I love what they did with AoC – the art book, the faux-leather map, the soundtrack CD, in-game mammoth, it’s all very swanky to me. “Why not spend an extra $25 on useless crap” -me

  19. Nah, I never get CE’s. When it comes to accumulating schwag, I go with the “take only pictures, leave only footsteps” approach. I have a tough enough time finding space for all my junk, I don’t need to add to it.

    At some point in my life, I may regret it, sitting alone in a room devoid of tchotchkes, wondering what I missed…but I doubt it :)

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