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Tech-wise, Book 14 has been a bit of a debacle. It is quite common for a patch to break things, but it just keeps happening.

I posted about server issues a week ago. They seem to have mostly cleared up. The third or fourth patch did it. I am still crashing on zoning daily, which had never happened under Book 13, but maybe that’s just me. I also mentioned the new zone in that patch. It is still not available. Two weeks into Book 14, we are looking at another two weeks to having the zone after which the book is named. It is not bugged; we just need to open AQ. As a populous server, we are in 3rd place, more than half-way there. Other servers may be waiting an extra week or two.

The new Book caused a bug with one of the game’s two primary crowd control abilities, creating a delay between when you used Riddle (mez) and when it set in. That has probably been fixed. I have avoided playing my Burglar for the past two weeks, so I am not sure.

Helchgam does not reset properly. He is the tentacle beast of Carn Dum, and his Slime is needed for about half the classes’ level 50 quests, including the most popular class (Hunters). Given that, it sells for a lot on the Auction House. If you have not done the fight, he throws waves of tentacles at you, then pulls down a pillar of the room, repeat. Anyway, if he resets part-way through the fight (you wipe or stay out of range for too long), he no longer spawns the tentacles for that pillar. This sounds like easy mode, except that he is only vulnerable when the pillar is down, and he only pulls the pillar down after you beat the tentacles. Permanent invulnerability is a nice ability to have, if you can get it.

For some reason, every time I start the client, I need to log in twice. Maybe that is just me, but after entering my password the first time, it goes away and needs to start. It always works the second time.

For the final piece of fun, raid assist was broken for a couple of weeks. It would make people crash. I’m not sure how that happens, but it explains a lot of “link lost” raid members. That was patched yesterday, and I have not heard of any problems with it. Somehow, presumably because of something else included, that patch bugged the auction house. You cannot use spaces when searching. Hopefully, what you want has a distinctive word in it.

Tune in next week, as we ponder whether the Inn League rep is set the way it is intentionally. A door was added to a reputation-restricted area. You must have a Friend rep to enter. If you do every Inn League quest, including repeating the pub crawl every day, you will not reach Friend before the festival is over. But it can set you up for next fall.

Oh, the festival? It added new dance emotes. It looks like someone set dance_dwarf2 to be the same as dance_dwarf1. Same for dance_elf2 and dance_hobbit2, but dance_man2 is slightly different.

I tend to be picky about tech issues. I don’t really expect new things to work properly, but I am not happy when the new things break old things.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “More Issues”

  1. Is it possible that Turbine has gotten…lazy?

    They got minor success, they have a decent subscriber rate (about 150-200k?), but they have pulled a ton of people I bet to work on MoM.

    This last patch was just for the fans if anything, and it sounds like QA dropped the ball.

    Now, with the big guys watching (Warner Bros) and the heat being on to make MoM the “ultimate” because WB thinks LOTRO can kick WoW’s butt..
    The rest of the game may just be the stepchild until MoM releases.

  2. For some reason, every time I start the client, I need to log in twice. Maybe that is just me, but after entering my password the first time, it goes away and needs to start. It always works the second time.

    It’s not just you. I thought it was just me.

  3. Turbine definitely has a QA and code control problem. The overall philosophy of the company is to only do large patches on a timed basis. When I problem is found a developer will often post they have a fix but it has to wait for the next book because the book that is coming out in two or three weeks is frozen except for emergency problems. This is the case of the burg riddle as the problem was reported during the first days of the test server getting book 14.

    I prefer a company that will do small patches as issues arise but Turbine’s method of tight quality control and only doing well tested patches with planned updates is a proven software engineering method. Only Turbine is failing at it. They obviously don’t have good source code control of what is and is not put into a patch. How else could a search in the auction house get broken when making a patch to a crash with raid assist? I don’t think I am alone in thinking these little issues would not be a big concern if we knew it was not going to take two months to get fixed with the next book publish.

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