Five Degrees of Awesome in Testing

Testing of the City of Heroes Halloween event started last week.

  1. This year’s addition is Zombie Apocalypse, modeled after the Rikti invasions. I think we can all agree that Zombie Apocalypse is an awesome theme to run with.
  2. It will reappear for the occasional hour throughout the year, in case you miss it or want to experience it again. If the reaction is anything like it is with the Rikti invasions, these will be a lot of fun with massed players, assuming your system can handle it.
  3. City of Heroes Halloween is cumulative, so previous years’ events will be returning. Trick-or-treating is being tweaked to get people moving; doors are still giving out candy, monsters, and costumes; and there are giant monsters to enjoy. Badges, badges, badges.
  4. Halloween was being tested in July. This is the most awesome part: leaving plenty of time to get it tested and get it right.
  5. Because Halloween will be ready months in advance, the test server will be free for Issue 13 testing.

: Zubon