Tangerine Panic!

This is an inspired little game. I don’t know how long the amusement will last, but for purity and insanity, it wins. You need to get out to at least 100 before the glory is truly apparent.

: Zubon

One thought on “Tangerine Panic!”

  1. So wow, lol. WoW indeed, that has to be the most fast paced “OMG” moment I have had since I done my first Gruul’s Lair. I made it to 57 Tangerines, and I am like “WTF?” lol, people like you are the reason the internet keeps on growing. I love what you are doing with KTR and I plan to sort of do the same with my blog over at AN! [www.azerothnow.com] Check it out sometime, I started it around the 2nd of this month and I am trying to pick up on traffic generation. Communicate with me on how you started up your hype and we can discuss some things civily through IM or Email or something?

    Email me:

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    I would be glad to talk at any time in the day, get back to me.

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