18 thoughts on “Casualties of WAR”

  1. “What server are we on?”

    You have to be part of the super-secret inner circle of awesomeness to find out what server we’re on. This information is given only to those with the talent, integrity and strength of character to be deemed worthy of the information.

    In other words, I have no idea…no one’s told me yet.

    Welcome, Zub!

  2. LOL@inhibitor.

    I don’t think an official server has been decided yet since there seems to be some back and forth discussion going on about what side will have the bulk of the players.

    @Zubon, yeah, you can’t miss this. Decades from now this will be known as the greatest guild in the history of MMOs due to the massive amount of publicity we will all self generate ;-)

  3. Damn, you forget to leave the rat traps out one friggin’ time and the world goes to hell in a hand basket.

    Glad to have ya around sir.

  4. We don’t know yet but if you don’t join us you get no beer, cookies, coffee OR pie.

    That only leaves you with vegetables and we all know that’s not a gamer food group.

  5. There will actually be two servers, one that is for the Destruction side of the guild and one for the Order side. So the guild will actually have a dual side…it’s like playing a Jedi and a Sith all at the same time right, or did I just mix my MMO’s up again?

    Anyway, its always good to have someone around to keep the cats busy.

  6. We’ll talk about what beta server once we’ve got the NDA lifted.

    Release… well, we can’t see that far into the future now can we? :)

  7. It’s looking like Order has more interest, but we on the Destruction side will make up for our numbers with more obnoxious battlecries. And squigs… lots of squigs.

  8. His name is Robert Paulsen!

    I’m considering going into this with no advance research, because that is really odd for me. Just read the character screen, pick something, and go with it.

  9. There are too many bloggers hopping on board this train for it not be a non-stop riot of laughs.

  10. At least we won’t have to worry about guild drama getting out of hand, because it’ll start completely out of control on a dozen blogs :P Bloggers are really good about letting their feelings be known.

  11. Say, are y’all doing that Road to War thing too? I recall that you get points or something for referring people. Toss up your referral link?

  12. Other: isn’t it open today? I picked up a box and tried to enter the code, but that doesn’t work yet. If I’m going to be downloading for days, I’d like to start those days.

  13. yeah.. I just checked the page and it says “after aug 15” which.. means tomorrow? augh!
    But I swear I read somewhere you could start downloading on the 13th.

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