How is the Kingdom These Days?

Wednesday’s post reminded me that I have not poked my head into Kingdom of Loathing for months. I took a break before NS13, and I never really got back into it afterwards. I just found the level 11 and 12 quests to be a drag, a grindishly long haul. Your character even comments on that during the level 11 quest. After NS13, there was a pause in the Tuesday updates, well deserved, but I wandered off.

We can look at the updates, but is there anything you’d really like to say to sell the game? Something with awesomeness that needs expounding? Is doing a set of Bad Moon runs super-fun? How about those new zones? If you are a current player, consider this an open thread to hype, brag, and recruit. If you are a former player, consider this an open thread for reminiscing about what fun you had. Or rant about how it has all gone down the tubes since they introduced the Astral Badger, whatever.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “How is the Kingdom These Days?”

  1. I’m still pretty active. The Clan Basement/Hobopolis stuff has re-energized my clan-mates – RL friends. I’ve enjoyed post-NS13 play. Once I got used to the level 11 and 12 quests, I actually sort of like them.

    I haven’t done any Bad Moon runs, and have barely dipped into Hobopolis, but I’m pleased at this time.

  2. I must suck because post-NS13, my runs are taking forever. What hurts most is that before NS13, I could have probably done hardcore runs, but I didn’t, and now the idea of slogging through the entire war plus the pyramid on HC or even HCO makes me cringe, let alone Bad Moon. I’ve softcore-permed 8 skills, and at the end of the last one, I accidentally went Casual, so I won’t even get a skill out of this run at all.

    I still like the game, it’s just that a ton of the content is stuff I’m not going to earn. The idea of starting over and HC-perming even a few skills just sucks.

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