Since I committed to at least trying Warhammer, I thought I should look stuff up. I was briefly planning to go in completely blind and just pick what looked fun at the character select screen, but I can read the same info before I get there.

These guys look fun. Somewhat silly violent green things? I was all about the Tau when I played a bit of the Warhammer 40K game (computer, not tabletop), but the Greenskins just look fun. It will be the same sort of light-RP we get in The Shire, at least if they attract the sort I think they will.

I suppose the Squig Herder is like WoW’s Hunter: archer/pet class. I like pets, and my current The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ archer does not have one. But maybe I could use a bit of a change. I usually don’t tank, but I have always liked the “metal jaw” look of Warhammer orcs. But wait, what’s this? A hybrid healer-DPS who gets bonuses to damage from healing and to healing from dealing damage? Waaaagh!

: Zubon

I suppose this means I will also be trying a Runekeeper in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™. That is my City of Heroes Defender nature talking: I love hybrid support-ranged DPS characters.

7 thoughts on “Greenskins”

  1. Dat’s all good. Ya lil gobbos kin sit at da back and shoot da stunties full o’ holes with da powah of Gork n’ Mork. Dis be one Black Orc that’s gonna be up front with the rest of da boyz, showin’ off ‘ow ‘ard ‘is spiky bits are.

    So we’re missing some choppa lads, who needs ’em, we’s the biggest and baddest boyz in town. Ya know what dey say. Da only good stunty is a dead and squished stunty.

    Ain’t no one’s gonna stop da greenskins! Waaaaaaagh!

  2. Oh yeah, people are going to be talking like that, the part of creep light-RP that grates. Especially when people make up new words and then misspell them to show an accent.

  3. Enjoy. It’s part of Warhammer lore, and not everyone’s going to get it exactly right. :)

  4. Yes I’m going for a debuffer/buffer type too. Maybe a Zealot, or maybe Disciple of whosits. (DoK). Yeah I know the lore… :) I’ll try them both out this weekend.

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