Why Do Snapping Turtles Have Knockback?

I mean, that’s a big turtle, probably 4-5 feet tall at the top of its shell, but why can it send me flying >10 meters? I think it did that with a headbutt. Even for a game where you can resurrect the dead by smoking, that’s a little odd.

It did, however, lead to one of my most awesome little moments in-game. The turtle bashed me into a rock, I richoceted off, and cut him down with my axe before landing. That’ll teach you to toss a dwarf!

: Zubon

11 thoughts on “Why Do Snapping Turtles Have Knockback?”

  1. They’re not dead.

    They’re just really, really depressed. Depressed enough to have a bit of a lie down until some bloody hobbit with a lute comes along and annoys them enough that they get up again.

  2. .. it follows, then, that you having a bit of a smoke (you addict) near somebody who’s ‘dead’ will send them in to a coughing fit, rousing them.

  3. He could be in Angmar with those big-ass elite turtles… depends what level he is.

    The funniest knockback I saw was with a kin group, I think in Angmar, fighting drakes up in the mountains. We fought our way to the top and were in the middle of a fight when two dragons (!) landed next to us and knocked our captain off the mountain. He had a good ten seconds or so of air-time before *SPLAT*

    Fighting the trolls in Carn Dum can be interesting too, when their knockbacks don’t always knock *backwards* (ie. backs to the walls don’t always work) and you’re fighting on narrow bridges…

  4. That’s Nen Harn. The Angmar ones are about seven meters tall, so they can knockback all they like.

    I have also lost a team member to a dragon’s wing buffet. “Did you get quest credit down there?”

    The random-direction knockback can be an issue for Carn Dum. My favorite was when it was still just “back”… and someone richoeted off a wall, over the bridge, and into the water of death. Still bad for the team, but comedy gold.

  5. A bigger question for me is, why do so few of them have shells? Or meat, for that matter. The soup was so not worth all that work…

  6. It’s not really random, but you can certainly get knocked sideways depending on their facing and your facing. It’s not your back it’s the way they hit you. For instance you don’t get knocked forward through their back ever.

    I specialized in speed runs through the CD trolls to get the Ornate key, since for some reason people hated it. We did it in 20 minutes once. Not exactly “speed” but .. pretty good. Once you get near the first big guy you run up to him kill him then keep running to the next and never stop to eat, and you can get across the bridges before they collapse.

  7. If you’ve ever seen a real snapping turtle up close and personal… and then taunted it with a large stick, you would not ask why a snapping turtle has knockback.

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