8 thoughts on “Lavender Trousers with Leather-Reinforced Crotch”

  1. It’s out there, but not til end-game.

    And not for us Lore-masters… /pout

    Good thing there are cosmetic clothes to cover it all up.

  2. Will anyone ever post -good looking- LOTRO armor? Does it exist? Is it attainable?

    Have you seen my boots? I’ll post another shot if I ever get that full set of armor.

  3. Yes he has a leather crotch but does he have lightsaber wielding lesbian mermaid slaves? Or does that only happen to cybercat when he plays ATITD?

  4. Lightsaber-wielding lesbian mermaid slaves. If there aren’t patches to include that in -every- game, someone better get crackin’. I can’t code.

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