Where I Am In-Game

Kind of burnt out.

I have a level-capped character with many hours logged past that cap. There are two instances I have yet to do, a few I have yet to complete (including the raids), and one part of a zone to visit. Other than that, I have done everything except grind deeds and PvP rank. I want to finish my Annuminas armor set, but I am below average on my rolls there: in 12-15 runs, I have won the piece at the end once. I repeated enough epic book instances to earn another piece (a wildcard barter piece), so I need to win any two rolls to finish the set. That could happen in 2 runs, it could happen in 30.

I have been leveling an alt, but my problem has been playing two of them. I got some levels on my Burglar while the “collect 70,000 lore” quest was up, because he was at the level minimum for it, so I finished a bunch of quests while doing that. My main non-crafting interest has been leveling my Minstrel, who has almost caught up to that Burglar. This means that I have already done almost all the content in his level range in the past few weeks.

I realized that what I am missing is what I am looking forward to in Warhammer: comity. I want to play with people I know. The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ gample is, essentially, WoW, a good implementation of DikuMUD with graphics, but again strongly supportive of quest-based mostly solo leveling to the cap, then forced grouping for the endgame. I want to play differently (hey, a link to someone other than us). I don’t care if it is mostly solo content: I want to share it with a friend and laugh on voice chat while we get our dozen warg paws.


: Zubon

Update: The funny thing is, within an hour of having written this, I went in-game, got a group on my Minstrel, did a chain of group quests that my Burglar has not done, then switched to my Hunter to join a group with someone I vaguely know to grind a deed, in which we fought 36 elite masters. I also found the door to one of those two instances that I have never done.

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  1. There is one thing warhammer has done for me since Feb. When i started playing and thats get me back into grouping. Now lets just hope the MMO community can still tolerate each other enough to do it

  2. One thing that always gets me in the post-WoW market: just because a quest is labeled solo, what’s stopping people from grouping anyway? They are.

    I take every opportunity I can to group, especially with kin/guild-mates, even if it’s solo content. Even if I might be penalized with less xp because ya know what? Only WoW is *about* the end-game. LOTRO, Vanguard, and others are *about* the journey, and if reduced xp by grouping prolongs that adventure, fine by me.

  3. /agree with scott

    Grouping is where it’s at. Even with the new leveling patch in WOW, I still enjoyed grouping with guildies and random strangers. It makes the game more enjoyable imo when you can BS with someone else while your grinding our levels. A stranger is a guildie you haven’t met yet :)

  4. I’m tired of waiting my turn to kill some named mob while a group of individual people try to get the first hit when we could all just join together and get it done in one try. Suggest we group up in local and everyone keeps on ignoring and going for the first hit. Big part of what made me redefine how I look at playing MMOs.

  5. I am impressed you lasted as long as you did in LOTRO.
    I just have no desire to go back, even though MoM calls my name.
    But, the ugly models, the horrible UI, the hitching movement, the boring quests all add up to ZERO fun to me.

    I applaud you, and I personally think WAR will be a better game, even though I have no interest in that DIKU anymore!

  6. Take some time off is my advice. Sounds like your still having some fun but things are alwyas a little better after a vacation. I took a 3 month vacation from wow before I tried Vanguard and then Lotro and it did wonders.

  7. I took about four years off Yet Another Fantasy MMORPG, with a few brief flirtations along the way (check the Dungeon Runners category for that couple of weeks). Yes, going away for several years increases the marginal utility when you get back, assuming you haven’t lost the taste entirely.

  8. I do wish LOTRO (and everything else) had some form of Public Quests. This is something I’ve been griping about for years, and it’s about time someone did it. Shame it’s a PvP game doing it first, but hey, someone has to do it.

    If everyone within earshot (or group buff range) has the quest for the same mob, let them all tag it even if they’re not grouped, ffs. That alone would be a start down the right direction. I keep hearing in chat that Turbine is working on ways to give more incentive to group up but no one bothers to explain what those ways are, and I’m not much for spending all day reading forums.

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