I said before that I am interested in the Greenskin classes. I like ranged damage, support abilities, and pets. Looking around, I really like what I hear about the turret pets of the Dwarf Engineer and Chaos Magus. I never got to play that Lugian Tactician in Asheron’s Call 2. I am even looking at the tanks and melee DPS classes.

All this is preface to my real message: whatever class I end up playing, I would like the devs to know that it is underpowered and desperately in need of buffs, both in PvE and PvP. In PvE, it takes my class far longer to level than other classes, both my allies and my equivalent on the other side of the war. The gear available is also underwhelming. In PvP, I find myself at a large disadvantage with an inadequate trade-off between damage and survivability. Others can defeat me much faster than I can defeat them, and this holds true in solo or group settings. I have combat logs to prove it. Yes, I will admit that there are some situations in which I have a small advantage; those situations are rare, unimportant, and/or easily negated by my foes. If this situation does not improve, I am cancelling my account and taking my entire guild with me.

Thank you.

: Zubon

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  1. Nice :-)

    That is exactly how it is going to go down I’m sorry to say. DAoC was worse for that kind of whining than any MMO I’ve ever played, and I expect WAR to be no different.

    Of course in DAoC I will allow that even to me it seemed that there were some serious balance issues, so maybe I’m one of those whiners…perish the thought. I will at least offer in my defense that what I considered one of the worst spec lines in the game (Mentalism) has ben buffed thrice in the last 6 months, so maybe some-one at Mythic finally agreed with me.

  2. See, I often tend to choose to play the classes which are “underpowered” and figure out how they’re supposed to work. I play in dread of the day the devs eventually do a round of buffs on the class, because when others start to think it’s ahead of the curve, they’ll play it enough to figure out those tricks, and then my class stops being a scarce resource.

  3. If your looking for a tank, try a Chaos Chosen, they are a lot of fun. Eventually you get a hamstring attack that cripples them and reduces movement, very nice when your dealing with half dead opponents. Also good to keep those no good witch hunters from running around you in circles. lol

  4. Yep- unfortunately, this will be inevitable. Any gaming environment in which PvP is a part of the gameplay will ultimately end up in this type of noise. Here’s to hoping that it’s kept to a minimum- and that the devs aren’t reactionary.

  5. The devs of these games will often quip that as long as all groups are whining at an equal roar on the forums they know things are truly balanced :P

  6. Syncaine, I’ve played your class. In fact, I made my first one back in beta, and I toook it to the level cap before you did, so stfu newb. I quit playing it because it was so obviously overpowered that it was not fun. Only FOTM l33ts play it these days.

  7. Look at your join date! You never even saw the class pre-Bang when we had nothing but 5 skills to go with, don’t act like you have a clue when you are all but a biased hatemonger.

  8. Dude Zubon, u stfu. I was in the friends and family alpha and dominated all noobs, you just suck. Go play (whatever MMO is considered less than whatever MMO we are talking about). My friend who is a dev says your class is fine, you just suck noob.

  9. Insert random snarky comment of no relevance to the thread.

    Big chunky wall of text with zero paragraphing poorspac ing andruntogether words in a typo stewrn stream of consciousness causing sane readers to think someone has been smoking something really good and is now off to a higher plane OH IMBAlANCE rAnT for the heck of it stuck somewhere in the middle. I have no more clue what else to say but I am repeating what I said jsut for kicks.

    I like pie.


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