How to Level Quickly in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™

Do clumps of solo quests. Try to stay in the blue to orange range.

It really is that easy. Quests will come in clumps, with several contacts sending you into the same area. Get every quest you can in an area, then head out and do three to six at a time. When your bags are full of loot, come back, turn in quests, then do another batch. Group if it is convenient, but you can level very quickly without it, and waiting for a group is the part that slows you down. (You may want to make an exception to finish your epic books, and those are the easiest groups to find.) If you have few or increasingly green/gray quests in an area, move to the next area; you should have a quest telling you to talk to someone there.

Say that you are a new player in Bree-land. In Staddle, you can get quests to defeat bugs in the swamp, to get fennel seeds from bugs, to defeat the spiders near the bugs, to defeat the goblins near the bugs, to defeat boars in the nearby woods, and to talk to the hobbits near the guy on the fennel seed quest. Those hobbits will give you quests to defeat bears near the boars, pick flowers near the bears, and fight brigands just past the flowers, along with some running around the area and picking more flowers. Do all those, then you will be sent into Bree-town, with a half-dozen quests in the Barrow Downs, and you can do the half-dozen quests around Adso’s camp along the way.

The goal is to stack objectives. Get two people to send you to the same town. You can have “kill 10 boars,” “kill 16 boars,” and “get 12 chunks of boar meat” at the same time. It helps to be on a second character, so you have already done your Explorer stuff and can just Achieve now that you know what contacts give what, but your first character can zip along as quickly as you like.

As a solo Minstrel, I went from 29 to 32 on Thursday (and not “29.85 to 32.02”). I also worked and played other characters that day, so it was not a catass binge. If you are going into town and see fewer than three rings, you are going slowly.

There is nothing wrong with going slowly and stopping to smell the flowers. My first character has completed almost every quest in the game, with almost all the deeds except those requiring hours of grinding at level 50 (and quite a few of those). But if you feel like things are slow and grindy, that is a factor of how you are playing the game, not the leveling pace the game offers. You can run around the grouping wall and zip to the next stack of quests. You may not have solved all the problems in that town, but don’t worry: nothing you do makes a difference in the game world, so those monsters will always plague the town and those NPCs will always have the same problems.

: Zubon

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  1. Also, it should go without saying, but you do indeed lvl up *nearly* twice as fast when you have rest xp. I say nearly because, alas, quest xp is not doubled, but general mob killing xp sure is. Whats neat about lotro as opposed to WoW or whatever is that you can use the in-game destiny points to purchase more rest xp if you so desire. Personally i never do this since i usually only play on weekends, and even then i spend so much time on my mains that my alts are always rested for a full level

  2. I’m torn on this, and it’s perhaps somewhat related to my general tiredness of “levels” anyway.

    One the one hand, I’ve wondered if WoW didn’t cure me of altitis. In every game post-WoW I only have one or two alts, tops, and I’ve never gotten any alts to level cap. In LOTRO, I have a Captain alt and I find myself not entirely interested in leveling him, I’d just rather have the ability to say “ya know what? I’ve done the entire leveling process once, just let me make this guy level cap so I can use him.”

    On the other hand, because of the hours I’m usually available to play, I find myself with no choice but to solo. My Captain has already missed out on the Great Barrows. A lot of the North Downs group quests are already grey. Garth Agarwen will probably be next, followed by one of my favorites, Dol Dinen. I was really looking forward to doing those, and it’s looking like there’s a high probability it won’t happen.

  3. Unrelated:

    You know what would be a nice bit of info that we’ll never ever get? The number of times low-level instances/dungeons have been visited by players, both in WoW and LOTRO, corrected to account for the population difference and “age” of the dungeons.

    Or if you wanna approach it from another angle, the percentage of the playerbase that visited low level instance in both games, and how many times that happened.

  4. I’m sure they have this info, as we had it in EQ. I remember working with a dev at one point on a proposed rewrite/revamp of a dungeon, and they did it strictly based on stats of dungeon visits over X period of time (ended up not happening due to massive amounts of quest mobs that would have to be moved and found new homes which extended time over budget – it instead ended up as one of those back-in-time instances that came out around DoD).

  5. I mainly run with my brother, and we often skip the group content if there is not a PUG handy. There is now plenty of content in LOTRO to level on just solo quests. Forochel and Evendim really helped in this department!

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