Another Warhammer

Ardua reminds us about Warhammer 40K. Coming sometime to MMO, yes? In particular, he reminds us of the TV Tropes page for the game. Even if you know nothing about 40K, a category I share outside one RTS, this will give you a sense of the setting that went from “Warhammer in space” to “darker Warhammer in space” to “the World of Darkness is a bunch of fairies that fart rainbows” to “Cthulhu is a fairy who farts rainbows” and then one step beyond for the latest edition. You can still see the six WAR factions (one of which was eaten by bugs).

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Another Warhammer”

  1. I love your sneaky remark to the Squat race there. Cheers for another entertaining post. I guess as the warhammer fantasy world is a planet in the 40k universe, it would be the next logical step.

    Jesus, I havent talked about this stuff for 2 years.

  2. You owe me a few hours of my life for that link you bastard.

    I love the 40k setting. Hopefully THQ does it justice with the MMO. The RTS games are great.

  3. That is pretty much an entirely accurate view of the game. I cannot WAIT for someone to try to make a playable MMO of it without smoothing the rough edges of it off.

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