Tech Support Pissiness

It has been noted that nothing gets me in Yahtzee-mode faster than technical issues. I sometimes start to feel bad about this, until I remember that an MMO is a service not a product. We put up with a lot of bugs. A lot of bugs. Like, hey, whoa, a lot of bugs. If you cannot list 20 bugs in your current MMO, you are not trying, and that is before considering balance issues like “this quest is brokenly difficult and gives you jack for a reward.”

I’m an MMO player, meaning I’m a masochist, so I deal. If the bug is an account or log-in problem, I’m not a player, so I can’t deal. I can fume. Oh look, a convenient form I can send in (web form; they’re not going to give you an actual e-mail address to contact). Someone will get back to me in one to two business days. You can fill in how useful that is.

Those are infrequent. The ones that upset me more often are the ones we do put up with. Example: the boss of an instance resets half-way through and breaks, so he cannot be fought. Wait on tech support, and you are helpfully informed that they know about the issue, nothing to be done; feel free to reset the instance and start over. And we come back the next night or next week to try again. How many times have you had some variation on this discussion: “We completed it but did not get the reward.” “That sounds unfortunate, but we cannot give you the award. Is there anything else we can help you with?” I have it far less often than I used to, back before I gave up hope. Getting useful tech support is a pleasant surprise because it really is a surprise.

: Zubon

I shouldn’t blog late at night.

2 thoughts on “Tech Support Pissiness”

  1. Over a month ago I found my WoW account had been reactivated without my consent.
    In the same email I noted this AND that my character may have been cleaned out.
    The return email after two weeks?

    …we cannot help with Character matters (notice how the account issues were ignored..suckers)
    And it was turned over to another investigative team…

    Two more weeks…NADA

    Blizzard who has Billions and Billions, cannot be bothered with one stolen account.
    Truly stupid.
    Glad I do not play anymore.

  2. I had a number of tech issues in WoW while raiding and my entire guild of course petitioned them. They apologized and then… nothing. Same as what your getting. I can’t believe they don’t at least investigate and if the problem really did occur form their logs, just give the reward we deserve if we downed the boss. We ran book 12 final instance twice before tech support got to us and gave my brother the quest item he needed and should have gotten from the end but wasn’t gettign due to some bug. (half of Narchuil) still I have read about them just apologizing when people defeat the Balrog and get nothing. Why are they too lazy to check the log and just dole out the earned rewards? Because the company policy is probably that they are not allowed to and hence is broken.

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