Witch Elf

Witch Elf Tobold talks about his Witch Elf in a way that defines “This thread is useless without pics.” So there you go. Want to know what she looks like in armor? That is her armor. Her armor is actually called “halter.”

Oh, and if someone is running away from you in PvP, throw a dagger in his back. Witch Elves get that at level 1, and it includes a snare if you hit the target in the back.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Witch Elf”

  1. I remember the first second I logged in with a Disciple of Khaine in the first preview weekend. The first thing I saw was 2 almost naked female elves jumping around, and though “ah, this is what MMOs are all about, good to know nothings’ changed”

    Only later I realized those 2 players did not take the clothes off their elves …

  2. I find that Tobold often misses the obvious… every melee character I’ve played in WAR has some kind of snare/slowing effect to stop people runnimng away.

  3. Well it’s not the running away part that makes melee suck…its the “getting to them to actually hit them” part that sucks.

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