What We Did Wednesday Night

a herd of CoWs I made my Shaman the night before retail release. After leveling a bit and connecting with the guild for some public quests and RvR scenarios, we decided to hit open world RvR. By the half-way point, we had a full warband. Smile for the camera, guys!

The night before the game went live, we had almost filled a 75-person Ventrilo server. I am not used to being part of a large guild. It is kind of nice. I have many voices to learn. I may go insane trying to match name to character name (across multiple alts) to blog name.

: Zubon

One thought on “What We Did Wednesday Night”

  1. Join the club. I still can’t tell most anyone apart. You should all be female with English accents. Oh, wait…
    For a gigantorious guild it does have a nice homey feel though.
    Here: Ysh = Stylish Corpse.
    Zubon = Kill Ten Rats
    that should get you started ;)

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