The Road To Nowhere

Maybe you wonder where you are
I don’t care
Here is where time is on our side
Take you there…take you there
We’re on a road to nowhere
– Talking Heads

I was fighting in the Battle at Bittermore when I noticed a trail heading north and west into the mountains. Being more of an explorer than a fighter, I slipped away during the battle and climbed up to the trail to see where it went. Turns out it went nowhere, but yet somewhere.

I saw a lot of rocky mountains. I really explored the space man. As far as my eyes could see, rock and more rock. I also got a little bit lost.

I did recall seeing a bridge, perhaps that would lead me back to civilization. Turned out it only lead to the end of the world. Now what?

Looked like down was the only option left, but it looked so far down to the bottom, assuming there was a bottom. I wasn’t sure that jumping was a good idea after all. Oh well, time to go find out just how far up I was.

I can fly!

No, I can’t.

What is the best way to wrap up an adventure? Killing some rats.

– Ethic

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12 thoughts on “The Road To Nowhere”

  1. Do you refer to the area below the bridge? I was more interested in the wide open space where the map doesn’t go, north of that ravine.

  2. Sounds like someone had an epic explore fail?

    Very cool shots though, and hopefully you can post an update when you go back and find the… something?

  3. Out of curiosity, did you get an tome unlocks while you were there? I heard somewhere that there were going to be tome unlocks for players that get where they’re no supposed to be to kinda let them know they’re in the wrong area…

  4. @nerrollus: Didn’t see anything obvious pop up, but I’ll check the Tome of Knowledge next time I can. I plan to explore the area more to see if there is something there after all or if I really did stumble into an area with no use (yet).

  5. Lol. Lovely. Exactly something I would have done myself, though instead of resorting to stress relief by killing those poor rats I would have made sure to come back and check the bottom of things… erm, the ravine…


  6. @Copra: I did manage to fall into the ravine without killing myself and I saw this. I plan to go back and look further when I can find the darn path down that Werit hints about.

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