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Captains are the most under-rated class in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™. They are the most hybridized class I have seen in any game, and they still work. We are used to seeing broken hybrids, either brokenly powerful (and therefore overshadowing the classes they are hybridizing) or too weak (so just wait until you get the first-best for whatever your gap is). Captains, while rarely required for a successful group, contribute meaningfully in any role they can fill, without over-shadowing the original class.

Captains are melee buffers, a rare decision to make. Beyond being The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™’s primary buff class, a Captain is also an off-tank, secondary healer, secondary DPS, pet class, and teleporter. They also have a little ranged DPS. They are the go-to class for in-combat rezes and curing fear effects.

Beyond the usual damage and tanking that you expect from meleers, Captains bring to the table some bonuses not found on other classes. Whenever an enemy hits the ground, good things happen (like healing). They can mark targets for more damage or for life leech. Banners and buffs add massively to your morale. With the critical hit buff, my Hunter clears 25%. Their late-game buff is the mighty In Defense of Middle Earth, which adds +50 to everything for everyone. That is huge when stats cap at 500. They also have the ultimate in survivability: when Last Stand is active, the Captain cannot die.

Hybrids and buffers are hard to sell in most games, difficult to make or play well. Props to Turbine for a viable hybrid melee buffer.

: Zubon

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  1. I adore my capt in LotRO, so my thanks for writing this! I often feel a bit under-loved (though my guild and friends are very pro-capt), and of course we have concerns about the new classes. But I read your post and I smiled. A lot.

  2. My captain is on break while I level up a minstrel for end-game grouping on my lore-master’s off days but I love having captains around. Their buffs make such a huge difference, and I know several guardians who build their traits and virtues around having a captain with IDOME available and will re-spec if the captain does not. It makes that much difference!

    Plus the in-combat rez is great (unless the captain is the one who went down) but they sure are power-hungry! I find myself recharging captains power more than any other class.

  3. I love playing these sort of hybrids, I have the most experience with a Druid in WoW. The strength of a Druid in a small group is the ability to rapidly shift between roles to pull out a win in the face of an imminent wipe. Can anyone who’s played both Druid and Captain comment on the similarities and differences?

    I played in the LOTRO beta but didn’t buy it as I’ve been pretty heavily invested in a couple other MMO’s. This description of Captain makes me want to take a second look at LOTRO.. :)

  4. I like the Captain….and Tennille.
    They were Shiny and HAPPY!

    Personally I think the Captains hat from the Captain and Tennille supergroup was more personable, design wise, than LOTRO’s Epic Gear.

  5. Can anyone who’s played both Druid and Captain comment on the similarities and differences? Yes, yes I can. My main in Wow was a druid and I have a max level captain in Lotro. Pre-BC WoW is my realm of expertise here, not current wow. I hear that post-BC druids are now better at each specialty than the normal, Warrior, Priest and Rogue they are emulating and that you could easily get by with a raid of druids. I am referring to the Pre-BC druids in my comparison when I say that druids had a better tanking ability, though still not very good agro maintenance, and similar dps, and much better heals. However the captain, due to his weak tanking ability (the champion is better) and his pet behaves similar to a warlock in many ways, seeking to outlast his enemy. In a group they really shine with their buffs and small to medium HoTs. The druids had ennervate and much more powerful emergency healing than captains. Captains are good at keeping the party alive during a strong attack or pvp onslaught though because they have one move that takes damage for the whole party and one that makes them unable to die and then heals you after 10 seconds. If you time it right you can give the healers a break for a sec during a critical time and turn the tables. They also have an AOE stun and a few other things that are real nice in pvp. The buffs raise everyone max hp or max power depending on which banner you put down, and crit chance for dpsers/ power regen for healers/or parry for tanks. Really they are in high demand.

  6. Captains are always welcome additions to a party, and they definitely increase survivability. Because they are versatile, they can run out of power fairly easily. Energy management seems to be the biggest challenge for a captain in LOTRO!

    The “pets” have great buffs but are not very good at DPS. They are surprisingly tough though and help with off tanking when soloing.

    We ran an instance the other day with 3 captains, a hunter, burg, and minstrel. It was one of the best groups ever!

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