As I write this, Mythic has a “Banhammer” image saying, “4051 banned for selling gold.” If that is accounts, that is $202,550 in Warhammer boxes. I know that retailers, publishers, etc. see a lot of that money, but it should be enough to pay for whoever is tracking down and banning spammers.

Frankly, I am not worried about people buying or selling gold, or the fine services offering level 40 in 8 days for $240. Just stop sending me poorly spelled tells about it. Seriously, you are pasting text; someone needs to write coherent English ONCE.

: Zubon

Edit: also, what are you spending this gold on? The only time I did not have enough money for something is when I bought new skills and renown gear all at once on a low-level character, before remembering to sell my vendor trash. I bought my mount at 16 and had cash to spare. Can there be that much on the auction house?

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  1. I also find it boggling that players are (apparently) buying gold. It’s not like I’m stingy with my money, and I bring in more than I can possibly use just selling drops.

  2. Yeah, it’s a joke. I don’t salvage, craft, or use the AH (to SELL, I do BUY from it -) I loot stuff I kill. That’s it. At level 20, I spent 15 gold on my mount, and still had 15 left. Anyone who buys gold in this game must be forgetting to loot =)

  3. It would be nice if the same gold seller wouldn’t send me tells every 10 minutes and the /ignore feature actually worked (they can still send me tells). I’m not going to be encouraged to buy gold the more times you tell me…Sheesh.

  4. Smedley of SOE infamy explained on his blog some time ago how Goldfarming accounts were actually costing SOE quite a bit of money as they were used for less than a month and the creditcard payment revoked before the end of the month.
    The banks and CC companies cooperate with the owner of the card in those cases and SOE ends up having to defend themselves to the cc companies & banks, explaining they are not running an internet scam or selling faulty products.

    ArenaNet for instance may profit from Goldfarm accounts but companies like Mythic or SOE won’t. If the game has a digital download for purchase available, it’s easy to purchase those and use the revoke payment scheme when free trial accounts aren’t available.

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