Blogging Up a Storm

I am not sure when we added them to the blogroll, because I paid Warhammer almost no attention until this month, but The Book of Grudges is full of interesting Warhammer content. If you want to see the difference between what we do here and an actual fan site for a game, definitely check them out.

My special love goes out to their comments on healing. On Monday, I will discuss how much I have enjoyed Warhammer’s alterations to the healer role, but scenarios have brought me the most mouthy, demanding, ignorant people I have found anywhere with respect to healing. You were hiding them all in WoW, weren’t you?

: Zubon

One thought on “Blogging Up a Storm”

  1. Thanks! It’s been quite weird to move from writing about the game to actually trying to fit in playing it too. And it’s kind of bizarre we all picked healers, but it means we have a certain bias to our experiences that I imagine will get even keener as the months roll on.

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