If there is one word WoW should have taught people how to spell, it is “queue.” I know Americans are weak on queuing skills compared to the British, but come on. If you are not going to write the word, just use “q” and get it over with.

: Zubon

Prediction: the comments look like “what? What?” in Spanish.

6 thoughts on “Queue”

  1. QQ moar n00b! i p0wn u w/ ma rouge lololol!1!!

    WoW surely has taught the masses how to spell and to express themselves in a civilized manner. :P

  2. It’s like banana. You can’t have too many ananananas, and you can’t have too many queueueueue. When in doubt, add some vowels!

    They spell it Barbeque here too. I shudder every time.

    And when these rednecks try to JUMP my queue, I go ballistic. You can take the girl out of the UK, but… a queue is a queue. Respect it!

  3. My brother and I like to pronounce it “kway-way,” as one of our old guild members from WoW thought that’s how it was pronounced.

  4. kway-way…? Dear god.

    I still think rouge takes the cake, only because you know EXACTLY who is behind the monitor playing that ‘rouge’.

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