Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Finding myself awake early, I decided to log in and finish a few quests. I was reminded that, while Warhammer may have been the most ready-for-release MMO I know of, it is still not possible to play for five minutes without hitting a bug. In about an hour:

  • Attack animations do not always play. This consistently happens with my Engineer’s Hip Shot
  • Monster movement animations do not always play. One of every two or three monsters will take two steps, appear to pause for a couple seconds, then teleport next to me.
  • Morale abilities show themselves as ready when they are still on cooldown.
  • Tome tactics have been disabled. Nothing in game mentions that, but Google knows all. This counts as not being able to go one second without seeing a bug, because the spot where you would put a tome tactic is still there, empty.
  • Pet controls disappear on zoning. The pet still follows. Hope you are not exiting a scenario with it set to aggressive. The “dismiss pet” button is part of those controls. (Tip: you can right-click the “pet buff” icon under your name or summon a new one and dismiss it.)
  • My career trainer keeps offering to re-sell me Steam Vent, even though I got it several levels ago. Since I already have it, there is no price and he will not sell it to me. It just sits there at the top of the training window.
  • The mount icon grabs a meaningless “will expire in” time from who knows where (another constant bug reminder).
  • Random “interrupt” messages after completing abilities, especially my Flak Jacket or using my mount.
  • The Tome of Knowledge lists the wrong trophy reward for the “scavenge 1000 corpses” unlock. You can still get the right item from a librarian, but you must guess it on your own.
  • When you get that trophy, it will not display because it says another trophy is already there, even if you have no other trophies equipped.
  • The quartermaster in Sigmar’s Hammer says it is locked. I can still buy Apothecary ingredients from it. I cannot use them, so maybe those are locked.

Not today, but these reminded me:

  • Pets in defensive mode will sometimes attack your target even if you do not. Sometimes this is just the annoyance of having the pet pull while I am casting, so I do not get to use all my ranged abilities, but other times it will just shoot something.
  • Flying messes up scenario queues. If you arrive to an invitation, it will not work.
  • Has this one been fixed yet? If a scenario ends while I am casting something, I have gotten continuous “interrupt” spam after zoning until I cast something else.

There are probably more, but those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

: Zubon

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  1. yeah, lots of bugs, but most are just inconveniences, not game breaking. The moral ability bug is probably the one I hate the most because clicking on that damn circle in the bottom right of my screen during the heat of combat is a pain to begin with. I’m more interested in the amount of bugs that will show their ugly heads at end game.

  2. Does the whole “i dont always see an axe, dagger or arrow being thrown or shot” count under

    Attack animations do not always play

    Because that has been in beta FOREVER and is still not fixed. Most of mine are graphical. Luckily the end game is working and in tact, unlike other “PVP SIEGE” games I can think of (begins with “A” has the word AGE In it.)

  3. Hud, that happens even in melee. My tank’s axe also frequently disappears, so he just makes a slashing motion with his fist. It still cuts.

  4. Yes I get this as well, as well as “your weapon is still holstered, shouldered” or whatever but you fight like you are holding one.

    These are things that bug me more than quests not working or things like that. I just don’t know how they could have NOT seen these immersion breaking animation glitches. SO IRRITATING. I stopped playing my Shadow Warrior because of that bow animation

  5. I think LOTRO had less bugs actually. I am still playing but it is really annoying.
    Sunday night I logged out with a 68 in Cultivating. Monday night I logged in with a 41. That’s hours and hours of mat grinding I have to look forward to.

  6. Hmm, bugs I’ve found.

    I’ve found many instances of mobs being under the world. They still aggro on me just fine, and run out of the ground once they notice me. They’re just difficult to spot.

    I’ve been booted through ceilings and floors a few times. It’s awfully annoying to be in a cave during a PQ and get booted through the ceiling and miss your loot.

  7. My list of 2 annoying yet shouldn’t exist bugs (on top of yours)

    1. On the server select screen it lists all of my characters as destruction on a server where I have order characters

    2. Land mines don’t disappear after they are tripped for a long time, or even if the timer just wore out. If I had a built in function to let me know it would be fine, bit as it is I have to check the health of the mine by clicking on it.

  8. Sheltim, there are a couple of points where that is intentional and done well, such as with the Marshes of Madness PQ where half of them are buried neck-deep, with only their head poking up. I think there are a few undead bits for that. A dark elf PQ has a similar thing with High Elf ambushers in a brush-covered pit, with only a bit of them visible from a distance.

    I’m not sure that I have run into completely subterranean enemies. I found a quest mob inside a pillar once, but as you say, he ran out to visit once I gave him a kiss.

  9. Last night I had the loot window refusing to close when I clicked “Loot All.” I still got the item, but had to close the window manually.

    Enemy positioning is getting infuriating. The system routinely fails to make sure the enemy is in the right position on my screen, meaning my White Lion spends a lot of time getting the “You are out of range” and “You need to be behind or to the side of the enemy” messages when I’m clearly digging my axe into the back of his spine. Probably a lag issue but needs to be better handled.

    Losing my pet controls is also very annoying.

  10. Leese, that is somewhat reassuring to me. I thought my “loot all” add-on was breaking things. Now I can whine about the game more with a veneer of justification!

  11. Make sure you whip out your lag “crystal ball” before buying anything from the auction. I had an incident last week where I paid for something 3 times when only receiving it once due to lag.

    Here’s how it happened:

    When browsing through the auction, I found a circlet I wanted, and tried to purchase it. It didn’t respond. I tried again. No response. I tried a third time. Still no response. I tried to refresh the auction window, and it just sat there. That’s when I noticed all of the NPCs disappear.

    I waited out the lag, only to see it update 3X with “You paid 5g” in the chat window. Since there was only 1 item, I was out 10g.

    Good news is, after a petition and 5 days, the CSRs fixed it. The bad nes is, latency shouldn’t break auction purchases. That’s just bad coding.

  12. Yeah i often get the loot window won’t close bug. Once I get that bug I also cannot join scenarios anymore while grouped, and I have to relog. (the popup for the scenario doesn’t appear).

    The good news is my cultivating is still 68, my apothecary was 41 /eggface.

  13. Morale abilities show themselves as ready when they are still on cooldown- yeah, I’ve died in scenarios due to that bug. Thinking that an ability is available when it’s not is a huge problem in PvP.

    Pets in defensive mode will sometimes attack your target even if you do not- yes, have died to this with my White Lion, as well.

    I’ve experienced quite a few bugs so far, but essentially have come to accept them with a launch. If they don’t correct them quickly, however, they’re going to lose a lot of casual players (myself included).

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