Seriously Not Ready – Goldspam Edition

Despite claiming to be serious about goldspam, I have been getting tells from the same guy since last night. This would not be a problem except that the game’s ignore list does not work. Why is Mythic advertising an add-on? Because it cannot program basic functionality. I have canceled my account, although I will be playing out the month. Without tells. Great, I must throw out the basic means of communication in-game because the game does not have a functioning system for chat or player harassment.
call me when you can get an ignore list working
: Zubon

Update: Yep, turning off tells. The add-on does not work either. I should have known, given that Mythic was advertising it. edit: That was an unfair shot. They’re trying.

Update 2: “The stuff no one ever used in beta, like the chat system, sure that is not functioning properly. But I promise, tier 4 and the city raids will work.”

Update by request: the previous bug post, Zubon likes his Engineer, Zubon likes his Shaman, Zubon likes Warhammer bloggers, Zubon likes his guild, Zubon likes the flavor text, Zubon gives a mostly favorable review.

Much later update: about a month into things, they seem to have it fixed. There is a good reporting system (which the mail system should also use), there is server-side filtering, and SpamMeNot is working well.

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  1. You’re seriously canceling your account because of the occasional goldspam /tell and the ignore list not functioning properly? (The SpamMeNot addon does work most of the time by the way, but it’s not perfect and will let through the occasional message).

    I’m very tempted to ask if you’ve ever been through an MMO launch before. Because canceling a game like WAR over a very minor issue like this really calls that into question…

    Zubon responds: not “occasional”: every 30-60 seconds. I cannot have /tell turned on. Also, for the second paragraph, welcome to the site, please feel free to read more than the one post.

  2. The ignore list works for me though I quickly found out that it only has 10 slots on it. While I’ve also found a decent collection of small bugs in the game it’s been nothing that prevented me from having fun in the game.

    Based on the majority of your posts you seem to prefer LOTR and CoH which is weird because I actually grouped those games together in a post I did not long ago. Basically I thought people that like those games enjoyed PvE game play combined with good content creation tools and wouldn’t like Warhammer very much.

    Zubon responds: I don’t see where you are getting that at all. I have the same “what is this buggy crap?” posts for both of those games. I have been in RvR constantly in Warhammer, and I mourn each new tier because it means several levels of PvE before I can be effective in RvR again. Everything I have to say about the game itself is positive; the constant bugs are a separate problem.

  3. I just filter tells out of my chat window using the built in chat functions, and keep it on a separate window with the “ding” sound add-on.

    It’s certainly not something I’d cancel my account for, but more power to you, Z!

  4. I’m sorry you don’t like the game. My philosophy is that if it isn’t fun, don’t play it. That said, if you don’t like it, why not quit now?

    Is your character’s name “Zubon”? Must suck to be at the bottom of the “/who” list. I can’t think of any other reason why you would be getting gold spam tells every 60 seconds. I was only getting one or two an hour before I set up the add-on, which works for me by-the-way.

    As to the chat system, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about its lack of functionality, but it works a heck of a lot better than other games did at launch. AC2’s chat server was down most of the time for a couple of months after launch as was at least one other game I played, but I can’t remember which one (bad me). After I cleaned up the chat filters so I can at least see guild and tells I’m not having a lot of problems with the chat. I do wish /ignore worked though.

  5. Just get SpamMeNot and be done with it.

    Zubon responds: please see the post. I am getting this THROUGH the add-on.

  6. I had some issues with spam so I added the SpamMeNot addon and it all stopped. Then I heard about some issues with chat settings reset because of the addon so I removed it. I have not had a single spam tell message sent to me in the last 3 days so far. I wonder what happened to them.

    When LotRO launched, I had to turn anon on so I didn’t get any tells from anyone. That sucked pretty bad as well. You’d think these companies would have figured it out by now.

  7. I find it strange that you would judge the game this harshly over this issue (goldspam) when its a plague that effects all MMO’s. I mean without a SpamMeNot type mod in WoW the gold spam tells would have driven me crazy they were so abundant on every one of my servers. Not to mention WoW didn’t add a right click report spam feature to the chat system until well into BC, that’s how many years after it’s release?, and had a limited ignore list that while it did work didn’t really do much with gold sellers creating a new trial account name every 10 seconds or so.

    In addition, last I checked, the SpamMeNot mod for WAR is still a beta and not finished, so take its performance with a grain of salt.

    If the tells really bother you that much I reccomend going into the social window and setting yourself to annonymous and hidden so you don’t come up in searches done in the social window, that seems to have a noteworthy impact on the gold spam tells you get.

  8. I have no issues with the add on to be honest Zubon. Not to be antagonistic here, but how many tells from other players do you get? I am usually in Ventrilo, or using party chat. With the mod yes my chat colors reset, but I haven’t gotten gold tell spam in days.

    Also you mean to say you NEVER got spam tells in WoW or any other game? In LOTRO I got them DAY ONE when I played a few months ago, in WoW the spammers have moved to SAY chat with emotes.

    I know its frustrating sir, but hang in there I know you are having fun in this game

  9. It is bad, but IMHO easily ignored. The way chat works is so borked anyway… with 24 people rolling for greed on magus armor, or 4 NPCs yelling that Battlefield Objective X was lost.

    I also agree with your last statement about city sieges working but not basic features. The AH might as well not be there because finding the things you want takes is a Sisyphean feat. The mail server is so laggy, sending a crafter-friend 6 seeds becomes an exercise in futility. ABILITY NOT READY YET!!!

    Personally, I am going to stick with it for 4 months then re-evaluate because mainly it is the only MMO worth playing at the moment. LOTRO is becoming a ghost town with MoM on the horizon, and I care not for WoW. GW is showing it’s age, and I have been sick of it’s 8-headed hydra-style gameplay for some time. Thanks for letting me rant, Zubon. ;)

  10. I think everyone misses the fact that this is just one of many issues you had with the game, and decided you did not like it.

    I love how the WAR lovers really jump the gun though when it comes to someone not being happy with the game.

    The fact is, why continue subscribing for a launch title with issues. Leave it for several months, and then come back, and you may enjoy it much more (case in point for me…Age of Conan is actually fun right now. Yet, I thought they would never pull their finger out and sniff it…)

    Zubon responds: I like the game itself. I hate the bugs that infest it.

  11. I strongly suggest that instead of cancelling your account, you go into the social window and make yourself anonymous and hidden. I did that, as did everyone in my guild, and spammers can’t find you when you do. I’ve maybe had 1 or 2 goldspam messages in the 3 days since I did that. I’ve also verified that friends of mine new to the game can’t find me via social searches. It works.

  12. Given that /ignore doesn’t work, I find it ironic that there’s an Achievement for /ignoring 5 people :)

    John@Dell: A ton of what I’ve done so far (granted, I’m only R15/R8) is unorganized activity. Maybe I look for some people to do a PQ, find others to take some control points near a keep, whatever. Turning off one of the main tools of organization is a big problem for me.

  13. It must be either AWFUL luck, or it’s your name, because without the mod I get maybe one spam every 2-3 hours on any of the characters I play. I would actually never notice them if not for editing my chat windows to filter out a bunch of stuff, as I’m currently playing with a bunch of unguilded people, so we use /tell often.

    The post is a bit odd though, I mean it sounds like you are quitting WAR based on gold spam messages, which are a basic fact of life in MMO land, and I know you have plenty of MMO experience, so it’s odd that it bothers you this much. Every 30-60 seconds is amazing though, you should open a ticket for that, as I don’t think ANYONE gets nearly that many or the boards would be flooded.

  14. For reference, I’ve been doing a lot of Cultivating, so I have a handy timer between gold tells. I get one about every 2nd harvest. I think a harvest takes about 2 minutes (on average). That is a *lot* of spam.

  15. Sorry to hear you decided to drop Warhammer. I was enjoying reading your experiences with the game. But, hey, when it stops being fun, why continue?

    Personally, I think Warhammer did pretty good with its classes and content and had a smooth launch. There are a lot of little things I’d like to see fixed/improved; all are aggravating but none are gamebreaking for me. I’ll give them some more time and see what progress they make — the few initial changes were all positive and give me some hope.

    Still, it’s unfortunate that, even with a decent underlyng game, those rough edges are bound to lose them some customers who won’t be willing to wait around for things to improve. I expect Mythic felt they had to get their game out before WOTLK to secure a playerbase and gambled they’ll be able to polish everything before too many players drop out. Guess we’ll see.

  16. Way to stick it to the man. Maybe if more people follow suit Mythic will clean up their act some, although they did sell their souls to the devil (EA) :P Glad you are taking a stand. I cannot quit since I have to explore… its a requirement, and also my bros want to have me around. :) (and my old wow friends who refuse to play anything but wow or warhammer) p.s. I get spammed a lot too and I refuse to use add-ons. Companies should program their own game and if it cannot be played (see Lucifron in MC) without add-ons then they deserve to be boycotted until they fix it.

  17. The only tells I got in this game came from Gold Spammers, nobody talks, whether its in a PQ, a PvE group a scenario or a RvR group. Its depressing really. If I didn’t have my guild it’d drive me nuts. So going /Anon didn’t really hurt that much. :P

    Also everybody is zeroing in on this one post of his and not referring back to his other post with the bugs in it that detract from his experience. Its more than enough reason to quit until the game gets fixed.

  18. Actually didn’t the t4 raids break the other day? Something about destro slipping right through walls and/or locked doors.

    I get spam every few seconds on some characters, it’s ridiculous. Usually they seem to target my lower level characters more. Like if I make a lvl 1 it will be so bad I can’t even see what’s going on in the chat window.

  19. D00d, it sounds like you were dead set against this game since the beginning.

    Zubon responds: D00d, welcome to the site. Please feel free to read the other posts about the things I am enjoying.

  20. Just to add to the above: ignore doesn’t work for me either, neither do the addons. And like I said some characters get tells so much it makes the window completely unusable. I guess I’ll have to try what Bildo advises and make a seperate window for tells – assuming that will even work for me either since so much doesn’t. I think mainly it’s my t1 characters.

    For the other comments, yeah tells in other games are annoying, but at least you can /ignore them without an addon.

    Chat has been around how many decades? Aren’t there gnu liscensed libraries they could have just plopped in?

    that said, I’m still willing to put up with it. Don’t know why, I guess I’m bored and want something new.

  21. Weird, I don’t get much spam at all. However, a friend of mine who just *plays* these games and doesn’t blog about them or read forums obsessively or anything like that…mentioned just today that she’s thinking of canceling because of all the gold seller spam that she’s getting.

    What I find surprising about this post and thread is all the anti-Mythic sentiments being expressed. I’ve been quite pleased with their actions so far. Remember that this coming Thursday marks just 2 weeks since “full” launch.

    Zubon responds: you’re right. The anti-Mythic sentiment was unfair.

  22. I am wondering if one of their recent hotfixes maybe broke the system. I had a bunch of spam from a person I put on my ignore list last night – it was working fine 2 days ago.

  23. I didn’t think the bug list for Warhammer was bad enough to make anyone quit. Then again it sounds like you are somehow uniquely being targeted by gold farmers and the SpamMeNot macro isn’t working for you. Very frustrating I bet. Anyways thought you might be quitting because the game wasn’t to your tastes in the long run.

  24. Zubon just to make it clear, and to others. We aren’t attacking YOU we are more upset that you would quit, which says a lot about how we like having you around playing the game. We understand how it sucks, but this goes on everywhere. Like I stated over on Pumping Irony, I got spam in City of Heroes and they dont even have gold. I think we should turn this post around and put a link on Mark’s blog and point it to this post. However it is unfair to Mythic in that they are not the ONLY company dealing with this

    Anyone already forget that WoW was recently HACKED with gold spamming gnomes dropping from the Sky in Iron Forge?

    It could be worse.

    Zubon responds: Well you’re not. We’re friends here. We can argue about whether Mythic is dealing with this, or how well, but something will surely come down the line. Any chance you’ll make it to the alt party tonight? Greenskin starting area, 9:30 PST.

  25. Hud’s bravely stepping in for me in T2 RvR on Order side, so that I can focus on bringing my new main up to speed.

    Don’t leave, Z. I’ll miss thee verily.

  26. Oh man I would love to go but I actually have to help run an Order event IF I can get out from work on time. It starts at 8:00 pm CST but I am not sure when I can leave this hell hole.

  27. Geez, how many events we have going on tonight? I fear I’ll miss them all due to confusion or lawn mowing. One of the two.

  28. I’m attacking Zubon!!

    OK not really. There’ll be no CoW on CoW battle action here!

    The drawback with SpamMeNot is that it’s pretty easy for a gold seller to look at the source, see the default “trigger words” and then avoid them when sending tells.

    A nice update to the mod would be making it easy to add “spam trigger words” on the fly (if that doesn’t already exist…I haven’t needed the mod so far, but a friend asked me how it worked so I was checking the code this afternoon).

    Apparently sending:

    dude, you suck, stop being a n00b.

    triggers the spam filter. This must be tested.

    But yeah, Mythic needs to move this issue to the very front burner. Either build in SpamMeNot or do something else, and soon. Like, in the next few days.

  29. Not wanting to seem like I’m attacking you or anything, but if you are fed up due to the Gold Farming Spam and the other bugs you are experiencing, you may want to consider giving MMOs a month or two to settle in before playing them.

    WAR is probably the most feature complete and stable MMO to come out since WoW, so it’s close to as good as it gets (so far.)

    However, you are entirely right in expecting MMO releases to be a little bit more polished and nailed down then they are currently. WAR like WoW before it is pretty polished and finished at release, but it still falls far behind from other non-MMO games that are released (which once again brings up the argument that MMOs are much more involved then typical games.)

    If you really did enjoy the game but couldn’t stand the bugs, give it like a month or two and then come back. I’m betting you will enjoy it more.

  30. If you go into Social Options and set yourself to be Anonymous and Hidden, you will no longer show on /who results. This is a primary method of getting a “distribution list” and the only time I have gotten gold spam tells is when I’ve logged in a new character and forgotten to adjust those settings.

  31. I’m getting an insane amount of spam, as is everyone in my guild.

    Also troubling is that several of my guildmates are experiencing a chat bug where lines get cut off, making it difficult to use the chat system at all. Very disconcerting, since IMHO this is basic usability stuff.

    Having a working and spam free chat is paramount IMHO. It’s is not a “minor issue”.

    I’m not quite up to cancelling my account over it, but it’s not exactly impressing people I’ve shown the game to. Mythic has lost subs over this for sure.

  32. Dont give up yet

    Patch 1.01

    The war against the gold sellers continues! We have made improvements to the Appeal system to allow players to report spam messages from gold sellers more quickly.

  33. I don’t mind tell you that gold sellers are driving me out of the game too… Last time I played I played for about 2 hours and was getting a gold spam tell an average of 1 per 6 minutes. I gets to be a real pain in the ass to have to stop and file a petition every 6 minutes.

    You’d think for a game that has a leader like Jacobs that claims to hate gold spammers so bad they would have put in a better system for reporting these jack asses. I’ve actually found myself playing more Eve-Online than WAR lately…

  34. I don’t know why they don’t just remove the ability to search for the names of every single person on the server. That kind of functionality seems made purely for harrassment anyway.

    I’m used to Guild Wars, where I have never, ever, received a gold sell PM. You still see them in local chat from time to time, but it’s much less of a problem. Guild Wars has no ability to bring up the entire list of players playing…. and loses nothing for it.

  35. Hmph. SpamMeNot has been working fine for me… of course I haven’t been on yet today. Did you also install LibSlash? It’s a required component.

    Zubon responds: yes, LibSlash is installed. It is needed for several add-ons.

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    Welcome to the first four months of a new MMORPG. It seems that this is the first online-based game you’re playing, so welcome to the genre.

    Zubon responds: It has been nine years. Welcome to the site. Feel free to read more than the one post.

  37. Yep, another vote for adding anon and/or hidden to your options. Went from about 15 tells/hour to ..2/4 days?

  38. I know how the little bugs can, well, just bug you. Gold spamming is a major problem in all MMO’s and for Mythic not to have some plan in place to prevent them from annoying their customers was a misstep on their part. Especially if they are recommending a third party add on to fix it.

    That being said, sure its annoying, but if you are truly enjoying the game as your other posts suggest, I wouldn’t quit over something that I’m sure Mythic is working to fix. The next patch is suppose to improve the chat to some extent. They know that gold farming is an issue. I would give them the time to fix or improve the situation before I left a game that I really liked.

    That being said, you will be missed, who will I get my engineer info from?

  39. The patch today improved both the ignore function and the reporting function, so hopefully that helps you. They’re fixing bugs at a satisfactory pace for me, especially after playing classes in WoW that had longstanding bugs for 2+ years before fixes were finally implemented.

    Hopefully your remaining 19 days will change your mind, but if not, good luck in your next game. WAR will only get better with time, so six months from now would probably be a great time to come back.

  40. Bonus points for Channel Massive: over a week before “can I have your stuff?” Loss of points: guessing and making wrong assumptions about things that they could read here, like “yes, LibSlash is installed.” For anyone visiting from there, SpamMeNot works perfectly these days, much better than Mythic’s built-in spam reporting (see other post about that).

    And for all new visitors, welcome.

  41. The spam has reduced greatly, but it still trickles on. I’m still unimpressed over how Mythic handled the entire situation by essentially using their users / customers as a honeypot to track the culprits. They could simply have blocked mass-tells.

    /ignore still doesn’t work correctly for everyone, a few guildmates have complained that players they’ve ignored still send them tells.

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