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How many people do you think they could get to sign up for this deal:

Due to popular demand, CCP is proud to announce EVE Offline! This evolution in MMO gaming allows you to create a new type of character, one accessible from the internet or your mobile phone, without the full game client. Take EVE Online’s acclaimed real time skill advancement system to the next level, changing your training in progress to another skill or even queuing up to five skills to start when your current training completes. No need to worry about losing points! As an extra bonus, EVE Offline characters will accumulate skill points 50% faster than normal characters.

You should know a few things before you take the plunge offline. First, EVE Offline characters are not part of a standard account. You can start an EVE Offline account for $5/month or add one to an active EVE Online account for $3/month. Second, these must be new characters, although we are working on a system to convert existing characters to EVE Offline. Third, because they are not using the game client, EVE Offline characters cannot log onto the game servers.

How will I get my skill books, you might ask. All EVE Offline characters get them free! You will have access to all skills at no cost, provided you have the prerequisite skills. As an added bonus, you can buy skill books with your existing EVE Online character and send them to your EVE Offline character or your friends’, and training points will accumulate an additional 50% faster on bought books, twice the normal speed!

Take your game to the next level by making your next character EVE Online character an Offline Character!

They could probably get a few more by denying rumors that do not exist, like “there are no plans at this time to allow EVE Offline characters to be converted to EVE Online characters.” But my real question is, how many of you play your EVE characters like this anyway, except for ~12 hours a month, only at full cost with no training bonus?

: Zubon

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  1. Well, just go to Jita and add it to the “I’ll return 10 times the isk you give me,” scammers, I am sure that you will get more than a few hits.


  2. So wait…am I reading this wrong? This isn’t an actual character that can be used and all you can do is train skills? Sounds like fun.

  3. how many of you play your EVE characters like this anyway, except for ~12 hours a month, only at full cost with no training bonus?

    Playing my EVE Online characters that way is no different than how I play my World of Warcraft characters, though. In both games I’m paying a subscription for a character that I make limited use of.

    World of Warcraft helps you advance after a period of inactivity through the rested bonus for XP. EVE Online merely has a different way of helping players who cannot dedicate as much time as others.

  4. I would have no interest in this kind of thing. I *PLAY* my characters. A lot.

    HOWEVER, I would be more than happy if they’d move skill switching to the Character selection screen. That way, I wouldn’t have to log into the game UI and field 10 convo greetings just to switch a damn skill. I know–I could just ignore people, switch the skill, and log out, but that seems rude.

  5. Ummm +50% training speed and free skill books would break the game. That’s such an obvious game balance destroyer that if you were a real gamer, you have been ashamed to make such musings public. Unless of course you can’t actually ever play that character in the online game, in which case you should just o play ProgressQuest.

  6. I like the irony of Captain Obvious missing the obvious. I think the comment would be enhanced with some boldface, maybe an exclamation point or two.

  7. I laughed at this. I started to reply to argue against it, but then realized I’m an EVE player but havn’t logged in except to change skills and chat a bit for nearly two months. That sounds pretty bad, but I’m a binge player. I played almost nothing but EVE for four months, now I’ve moved on to something different (Dwarf Fortress at the moment). I don’t think that’s atypical of MMO players though, to quit and come back, and the nice thing about EVE’s system is when I do go back there will be new aspects of the game open for me to try.

  8. I still say that WoW would be best as an offline game with a Raid matching lobby. It pretty much plays that way. Charging a sub fee for that is pretty… unpalatable.

  9. EVE offline…sound something and not with what i ve read.

    I m curious…i would really like to play this game…but i m not someone who play a lot to pc games but i do love the immense and infinite kind of map. For someone who play like maybe 5 hours a week since its the only time i can find, i m curious if its worth to pay like 11$ per months (if you take a year). Does it still like that? But EVE offline…is it true?

    Do we need to be hardcore gamers to play that kind of game and does something can happen during the time you re offline?

  10. Denis, while u log out for 2 weeks, a hostile entitie will move into your space and appropriate your safe-spots, pos’s and player owned stations cause your offline with your ‘defending buddies’ and those hardcore players all went broke doing multiple engagements a day on the loosing end…..

    eve is a great game yea :)
    never had a adrenaline shot in a game, cept in eve.

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