Of Games and Glory

Given last week’s fun and games, I would like to hit the wayback machine to 2007.

If the game is irredeemable dreck, there is no point in discussing its problems.

Bugs, queues, and crashes are upsetting because they stand between us and the fun that we know to lie just beyond them.

Or as Rog puts it, “It’s because the game is good that makes it worth discussing and even bitching about the bugs, issues and design oversights. If it wasn’t good, who’d care?”

Or sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

: Zubon

Bonus points if you thought of Marit Larsen.

One thought on “Of Games and Glory”

  1. Indeed. I may complain about WoW and its ill-advised business model, but it’s only because I actually like the game that I bother. If it was just another 4Story or Daikatana, I’d not even bother with it.

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