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About half the time, I am out-numbered in scenarios. In about half of those, the team will fill by the time we are down 100-200 points, but there is not a lot to be done by then. I have won one 10-on-12 scenario, but there is nothing to be done with 8-on-12. Why are scenarios starting under those conditions? Is Order queuing up and canceling at the last possible second? I expect to be outnumbered in open world RvR, but the point of scenarios is to have even numbers.

Is Tor Anroc asymmetrical? I have never seen Order get the bauble at the start, even when someone has a standard with a run-speed buff.

The mission for Doomfist Crater is broken (Order side).

: Zubon

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  1. I think it’s generally caused by people letting the queue message hang until its about to expire, and then either say “yes, but give me a minute” which causes it to wait even longer and end up declining to join, or decline to join after the initial wait. Either way they take up a slot in the scenario until they decline, even though the spot isn’t listed as reserved until they accept. I’ve had half a scenario group show up as reserved (join as group most likely) and then never join, leaving us with 6 vs 12, which simply can’t go well.

    I suspect Order has the problem more than Destruction because queues tend to be shorter. If you’re in the middle of a PQ and your Order scenario pops, you might hang on to try and finish it, realize you can’t, and drop queue. After all, the PQ takes longer than the scenario queue, so you’re better off finishing the PQ. If you’re on Destruction in the middle of a PQ and a scenario pops, you’re more likely to jump on it due to the queue times. The PQ will still be there when you come back, you can just do it again in less time than you’d have to wait for the queue.

  2. Alot of time it is people canceling que, Tor Anoroc is pretty balanced, on chaos wastes it’s really just a matter of if I poped charge before another white lion, they key to that though, is often times destruction will have marauders to spare and order only has a white lion if any. Generally though I’ve seen order take the bauble first plenty of times. Maybe you’re just holding your team back

  3. @Anon – they hotfixed the White Lion bug which allowwed Order to get to the bauble first 50% of the time.

    I think the imbalance is the additional 1.5 minutes you can extend the wait. Easy fix? If you click you want to join a scenario but are in combat it still automatically throws you in at the end of the first timer, or if you don’t click yes it just requeues you. Then have a global 15 second delay to make sure everyone is loaded in before it starts – absolutely essential considering how many scenarios are win and lost by “who gets there first”

  4. Geographicaly, Tor Anoroc favors destro getting the ball first. The only ways Order could get it first was by using a White Lion. They hot fixed that so we’re back to destro getting the ball first 99% of the time. As a result, a lot of Order people refuse to play Tor Anoroc.

  5. Yes, I think it’s a combination of last-minute joins and less Order than Destruction being queued. Reserved spaces aren’t filled until the 150 seconds (sixty seconds for the “yes, but give me a minute”, then ninety seconds for auto-join), in which case everyone who is tied up in combat in a PQ drops out and adds are filled in.

    With less players, a higher percentage is tied up in PQs.

  6. Ouch, that sucks that they released with an unbalanced battlefield. Ensure equality seems like it would be the first thing you must consider in the design since winning provides substantially better reward. I’m glad to have read this now. I’ve just edged over into the T3 content. I’m going to continue with the T2 until I hit level 22 – like 3 winning scenarios or so. But I’ll completely skip Tor Anoroc until I’ve read that it’s been fixed.

    What probably sucks more is that the population at T3 is rather thin still. You can’t afford to have bad game mechanics discourage players from participating in content.

  7. “As a result, a lot of Order people refuse to play Tor Anoroc.”

    Really? Tor Anroc is the ONLY T3 scen that ever pops on Ulthuan. I’m only level 22, and have played maybe 10 rounds of T3 scenarios, queueing for all 6 every time, and I have literally never seen a pop for anything other than Tor Anroc.

  8. I was at a football game over the weekend, and I thought of something. For hundreds of years now we’ve had various sports where you travel down a field. And in every case the sides switch at different points during the games, even for indoor games. the reason is to make sure it’s fair, even though the courts and fields are completely even, wind, the crowd, weather all might make a difference.

    Yet, despite all this experience in game making, MMO developers continue to deliberately make maps that are not only asymmetrical, but don’t even have the players start at random sides. It just boggles my mind that they still do this, even though no one making rules for games in the “real world” would dream of doing something like that.

  9. It is unbalanced in two ways, one that benefits destruction (the marauder have both flee and a sprint ability which means a marauder can speed there first easily (although I as a Zealot usually get up there before any order anyway, gotta be geographical differences)
    But then there is the knockback problem, if I remember right, there is at least three careers on the order side that has knockbacks while I think it is only one on the destruction side, which means that Order often wins by knocking everyone to hell, the ability to kill like 3-4 players (that falls into the lava) and delay even more(people who survive the lava or are just knocked away 100 ft) with one ability is pretty OP.

  10. Sunspots: but on an Order character, it is hilarious to watch Ironbreakers send people for a hot swim.

    I am expecting balance fun in the 20s and 30s as more Destruction classes get a useful healing debuff. The Rune Priest, of all classes, gets a -100% healing on crit trait. I think I will send my Rune Priest up that tree just to get more of that on Order.

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