Meet Ravious (cue TF2 fanfare)

Hello.  I have been strangely attracted here by Zubon’s Blog Posting Fury Method.  He was what I consider one of the four lasting friends of the Southern Star Guild from the niche MMO A Tale in the Desert.  While I am still searching for Dragynne and Aewl, the bloggers at Kill Ten Rats really grabbed my interest, and I hope to humbly contribute my own thoughts and experiences.

A Tale in the Desert was my first true stab at an MMO.  I did try Everquest first, but was hit hard with kill camping and training mobs through the zone thereafter giving up quickly.  I have in the past played World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Matrix Online, and Tabula Rasa to varying degrees.  My current list of MMOs that I play are Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Guild Wars (roughly in order of play time).  However, Guild Wars is by far the MMO that I have spent the most time playing.

I also run an actual play blog, Game Scribe, where I try to write in a wacky roleplaying/storytelling manner from the eyes of the actual character.

I am looking forward to contributing to this fine piece of internet blog-estate, and I hope I do not disappoint.

12 thoughts on “Meet Ravious (cue TF2 fanfare)”

  1. Yay another KTR poster. I read the intro on my iPhone and the small text showed me ‘TF2 FAILURE’

    I was like, ‘wow’ that’s a helluva first article to write.

    Then I did my iPhone finger magic (sounds sick, I know – but hey, it works) and could read the title line clearly. Well met and looking forward to your contributions!

  2. Y’know, I was fine right up until “iPhone finger magic”.

    Seriously, nice to meet you Ravious. I would warn you about Zub, but you apparently already know. :)

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