The game is shaky on it, particularly with respect to floors and ceilings. If you use an area-effect attack in a cave, everything on tunnels above and below you might come running for you. That is if you are lucky: they also might start hitting you through the ceiling. This is a fun way to discover when a building has a basement or a hill has a cave: attack enemies on the surface and see if invisible monsters start eating your ankles.

Did I mention that I have an AE-specialized character? Good times.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Z-Axis”

  1. On the ‘plus’ side, your damn turrets shot me through the floor in a Keep. I wonder how devastating a full warband of Engineers would be if they all dropped turrets near the Keep lord…

  2. The Z-Axis issue has bigger issues. There is no range check at all. So if you are 1 meeelion feet in the air, looking down from a keep ledge, and have LOS you can cast. This actually screwed us over the weekend.

    We were defending a keep from the typical destruction Zerg. They had triple our numbers, and man, it was awesome, and we were holding tight. The beat the doors down, we managed to wipe them on the Keep Lord and the doors locked again.

    We waited, and sure enough the Destro Zerg came back – only this time, they purposely wiped on the guards at the door – they weren’t fighting back – why?

    A shaman had snuck up to the top of the keep when they orginally wiped, which we didnt catch (as most of us had wiped too, and again, we were severely outnumbered). Sure enough, the Shaman was able to rez them from bajillion feet away, and they ended up having 2 full warbands rezzed to the top of the keep (with the doors still closed, mind you) to which they crept down and wiped us out afterwards. (again, doors still closed)

    Took us too long to figure out what they were doing. I thought they were just suiciding and releasing (for no apparent reason). Super cheese.

  3. @Ethic: Agreed, but my firm stance on lazy programming is it is the responsibility of the game developers. They KNOW they have a Z axis. They designed their terrain around it. Keeps. Mountains. Etc. So, either put in the tooltip [Range 100′ Horizontally, Infinite vertically] or fricken program the Z axis properly.

    Sure, they can do other things (Keep lord unattackable with doors closed, Auto-port out with doors closed, etc) but it all comes back to lazy programming. If you want a Z axis program for it – or just do a flat world and save us the headaches =)

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