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The Azeroth Advisor is, according to their FAQ, “an electronic newsletter that is personalized to your World of Warcraft characters. It is automatically delivered to you by email, customized to your character’s current level and status. Our idea is simple: give you the information you need when it’s relevant to you. The Azeroth Advisor is not a cheat guide or a set of walk-throughs; it is insightful guidance that helps you make informed decisions throughout the game.”

This service used to come at a cost, but now that 38 Studios has purchased it they have made it available free of charge. Very generous of them, considering that they are making an MMO to compete with World of Warcraft. So why would they do this? Seems obvious to me. They plan to offer this same service to players of their game when it goes live. Smart move on their part. This sort of value-added bonus for their future subscribers shows the forward thinking that is going on over at 38 Studios. I applaud them for this move.

Make sure you watch the Wizards vs. Cyborgs video.

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3 thoughts on “Azeroth Advisor Now Free”

  1. Curt Schilling, founder of 38 Studios, explained the purchase on a recent The Instance podcast ( You pretty much have it on the mark: sounds like it was purchased for the underlying technology. I’m expecting they’ll offer it now as a free service for WOW players as a way to finetune it, and then deliver it as a community service for their own MMO when it comes out. Schilling also pointed out that this might be equally useful for personalized company-to-customer communications in all sorts of other markets too — so maybe there’ll be a Dentist’s Advisor newsleter in the future.

    I tried it out last night. One thing I didn’t know was that it wants you to run a client so that it can keep get updates on your characters progress (which is how it know how to personalize your Azeroth Advisor newsletter). I was a bit leery to do that just to see a sample. 38 Studios has that covered though — you can download an addon instead and then use that to create and then manually send the data file they need. That’s what I tried just to see what the newsletter looks like (since the addon process is manual and not automatic, going that way is less convenient and useful compared to just running the client).

    The actual Advisor I got was nice looking and personalized for things like my character’s class and level and current location in the game. There was a nice map of my current area with locations of interest marked. There were some articles suggesting quests and instances worth visiting. And some others on fun and things to do (for example, one was on some of the funny mob animations you can spot in the game, another was on how to get the polymoph turtle and pig spells [appropriate since my character was a mage]). Overall, I didn’t see anything that was a big surprise to an experienced player or that wouldn’t be readily available on the web if you knew where to look. But I can see how getting this could be very helpful for a new player (or for, say, an experienced players switching to a new faction or class for the first time),and the fact that it’s put together for you is handy. I think you get an new Azeroth Advisor every level and/or every week.

    In the end, it’s nicely laid out, provides some useful info, and is FREE — and that’s a nice combination! Definitely worth taking a peek at.

  2. Or, they get a direct freakin’ link to the biggest subscriber base in MMOs. Oh, you’re email… how about we also tell you about our MMO when that time comes.

  3. Do you reckon they will pull the plug on the Azeroth Advisor when they launch their game? Seems like there may be a pretty obvious COI. Is there a precedent for this type of thing? Definitely a savvy move.

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